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Cooking Pancakes in Marina’s Kitchen

Check out my recipe on how to simply cook delicious and thin pancakes with just only four ingredients!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone today I’m gonna makehomemade thinking I already got my dataso I got here 2x any kind of white brownegg so one cup of milk a little bit ofcanola oil and I use a unbleached flourabout one cup so and meantime I’m gonnashow you I use a pan here this side Idon’t know what kind of size you like tohave big ones I usually use a medium oneso I’m gonna add my batter here I showyou some how I make my very thin I likeso you put it like on a couple of minutebefore when you get old you ready so allI make so I’m gonna I’m gonna yes I didnot don’t worry about it it’s okay don’tworry about it so you read that wait acouple of minutes so I put usually and amedium medium yeah just like thatand you gotta be here like you can goaway you know you have to look becausethey cook so fast you got my spatula sothey’re gonna come out nice and verythin yeah so I’m gonna tell you again soI use a tool Brown X I use a one cup ofunbleached flour one cup of milk and alittle bit of canola oil like I saidnothing else so and you look yourselfhow they come out knives you turn thatway and wait until another side comesyou don’t know how a delicious smell inmy kitchen right now I don’t use I don’tuse anything else no salt no sugar Idon’t know I don’t know it maybe youlike the sweet you can put a little bitsugar not gonna be here but I usuallymake just two eggs flour milk and littlebit oil also I make a little bitI just wipe it up my pan before I startwith the same oil see it nice nicelittle brown spot I can show you againso I’m gonna write a little bit so I’mgonna put the lights for you guys youcan see you so I’m gonna turn anotherside I don’t even use a spatula but youcan use spatula so I’m gonna wait alittle bit my family like them readythin one and it doesn’t take too muchtime it’s maybe prepare time it’s abouta five minute and I’m gonna show you howthey come out perfectthey’re fine so Bon Appetiteyeah so please put the comments ifanyone have a questions I bled to itanswer you questions so I’ll see younext time on my channel

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