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how to make pancake with ovomaltime crunchy cream

Hello guys 🙋🙋
our golas is to give intructions on how to make pancakes with ovomaltime crunchy cream.
Before that, we will explain the equipment and ingrrdients that must be prepared for making these pancakes
First, the equipment that is prepared is
4.Lage Spoon

Second, the ingredients are
1. Pancake Flour 1
2. Eggs 1
3. Margarin Sufficiently
4. Ovomaltime chocolate crunchy cream 1
5. Water 100ml
well, that is an explanation of the equipment and ingredients used, then we will go into the cooking method of making pancakes.

You will need 100ml water , margarin for a frying pan, 1 egg, instan pancake flour from pondan and for topping use ovomaltime crunchy cream.

Cooking method.
Step 1 : mix pondan pancake flour, water, and eggs altogether use a spoon, well for 5-10 second
Step 2 : put margarin in the pan, and then preheat frying pan (sugested non sticky) 2minute at low flame.
Step 3 : pour 1 large spoon (suitable quantity) of better on the center of preheated pan. Cook with low hat 2minutes until bubbles break on surface, then turn over and cook fot 5-10 second until done.

serve with ovomaltime chocolate crunchy cream.

well , that was how to make pancakes with ovomaltime crunchy cream, look delicious and suitable for snacks also easy to make.
while it’s still lock down fill the time by cooking it doesn’t hurt , so it can remain productive.

Thank you for watching our video , hope it is useful and all like it.💃💃


Name of group :
Ayu Kurnia Putri (01119003)
Tasya Nabila N.A (01119065)
Merdita Guesti (01119069)

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Video Transcription

there is also for your information I useinstant ink Explorer from pondan so Idon’t need to add sugaryou will need 100 milliliter of water mydrilling for a frying pan 1 egg[Music]jump in cake from from online and fortopping a use of emergency creamstep 1respondent pinky water and a[Music]mix fondant pinkie water and a stovetogether using a spoonwell for five to ten seconds put mygrilling in the pan we hit high in timesuggested non sticky fortunate at lowflame for 1 lakh spoons with doublequantity of batter onto the sidewalk wehide the pan cook with low heat to knituntil bubbles will also face then turnover and cook for 5 to 10 second untildawn we form a team 20 cream[Music]so I will try to take me 20 crews[Music]finally finish well nervous that was howto make pancakes with a month in crunchycream look delicious suitable for snacksalso is it to me once or not while it’sstill a challenge at a time by cookingthat’s not wrong even it so you canremind productive okay guys thank youfor watching our video hope it is usefuland you all like itso I wanna do one of my lucky[Music][Music]

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