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How to make Pancake with apples :)

How to make Pancake with apples 🙂

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Video Transcription

hello in today’s video we’re going todiscuss how to make a pancake withapples for this you will need apples youmay use or you may use green applestoday I’m going to use green apples sowe put the red apples aside we will needto peel this Apple with an instrumentthat looks like that but before we printthe Apple we have to make the pancakemix we have the bowl we will use thepancake mix and measure 301well I am out of panting I’m not I havemore I have more yes thank holy crapthey start to pull open it says here soor left here so that’s how you open itwell this is extra I wasn’t going toteach anybody how to open the box ofthis to close liftthey say I’m supposed to rip it off likethatthank yes okay okay so we top it up to300 or one cup one full cup it actuallycalls for a more my clothes for water orjust one cupI have a flashlight make sure everythingis goneyeah everything is gone I almost Ialmost got a heart that I thought Ididn’t have the the stuff but I do andthis will go to the side and I grew upvice here not the PI what am I fancy agood instruction glue because it’s veryvery easy to forget because it’s a verydifficult receipt recipe 250 millilitersof milk 1 egg and 300 or a cup of powderwhich is very very easy to forget sothat’s why I glue it right here and wemean one egg one egg so yeah whatum yes now we will leave this egg forlateraha because you need the brown now Iknow it’s going on you need a brown egg[Music]it’s much betterone egg and I don’t know what I’m gonnado with the size we also need the driveand – yesI have a lot of mess of the set here andwe need some milkfor that family that’s why I drew ithere so I know how much milk and youcheck 250 mealsoh wait I’m lying to your peopleI’m sorry you don’t take a cup ofpancake mix you only take it outsideyou don’t take 300 anything 250 okay soone cup and 200 of milk the thing callsfor more but then it’s really hard Iknowso milk so 300 of300 or 1 cup of powder and 200 of milkand 1 a and 1 Apple either green or redapple whichever one you prefer I’m goingto use today green apple maybe even toclean out my was and yeah now you wantto mix it you know it takes a momentlike literally it’s very quick and nowwe’re going to use an apple so you wantto peel the Apple and I also have twoso this to the Apple so there’s lesswaste you cut it and then with this youjust like Pete this part yeah I have aframe and ready here which I will showyou in a second and I use a little bitof oil like thatactually no I’m sorry I’m not gonna usethat point that’s stupid you don’t wantto use oil you wanna use a lot yeah youwant to use a lot where’s my open therewe go that’s an open that it’s havingnew blood pork rapid okay this is whatyou want to use I want to use no other oil is bad for younow it is good for you so not a lot butthat much I put on a frying pan herenice bubbles are happening here which isnice this is little and you need amachine like that okay and you wannawant to shred this object alright mightwanna try not to cut your fingers on itall those are by the way those aregranny smith apples the green onesI don’t know what the red ones are Ithink those are called Red Delicious notsure but i use the Granny Smith theytaste sour but actually very good I likethem I like the sour the bitter sourwhich said it gives you it wakes up yourmouth before you don’t need a lot that’sactually that should be enough I justwant to eat this another steel don’twait to wash and I’m gonna use a littlespatula there’s a flow spatula but Ihave to water per se play something elseand I’ve been washingbecause you don’t wanna just not havingmachine anymore because it will make ityeah just not gonna work and you want totake your Apple and put it in here and Ilike to add a little bit of somethinglike that focus okayit makes it smell nice other than thatit does nothing else and just spillthese apples in there together resultnicely steered in there smells nice withthis extract okay I will try to turnaround the camera all the other stylistsare closed I can go and get a haircutand also yeah there is your bloodlower it won’t on high heat just a lowheatand you just put it all in here and withthe spatula you can nicely get it outall of it and you can even it out a bitoh that’s much better it was stupidokay so now the pancake is pretty muchdone on the bottom side now we have toflip it but it’s difficult so what Irecommend is flipping it over the sinkso let’s turn around towards the sinkbecause it’s more moist than most wehave to flip it up in order to flip ityou have to trust yourself if you don’ttrust yourself you won’t flip it so justnot care and flip it right that’severything – that’s the way to do it andI’ll do it over the sink because eventhough I trust myself I’ll do it overthe sinkbeautiful sleep maybe but it’s it’s notthat this is not burnt not good cuzthere this is actually brown so it’s notit’s not bad at all and you want to keepit on low flame or I didn’t say or lowheat not not very high not too loweither but yeah so it should be done inlike any time almost no because if thesecond side doesn’t take long just wantit to brown a little bit so give itanother maybe I don’t know 30 seconds orso in I mean while I already wash thedishes and I will just waitoh this you can do that too right totake a look underneath very nice andit’s pretty much done oh I give itanother few secondsthat’s a goes take a peek this is thisis very nice you see that now keep inmind if you’re doing it for your guestsand you might not want to touch it withyour hands unless you wash them beforewhich then it’s perfectly fineyeah so I think this is it I think thisis just put it on a plate and that alittle bit that I put on top becauseit’s slightly harder turn this offmodest Matt one in our Roma I put ithere so you can see what I do with itokay I can’t put it here because this ishot right so and I do not I take a sourcreamdon’t put it here cuz it will not andand you want to like steer that sourcream niceit comes with either the steel make sureit’s nice and I’m just nice and youapply that sour cream that is liberallyliberally to the pancake yeah beautifuljust like thatanda couple like a couple of teaspoons ofsugar not a lot you don’t want a lot ofsure there’s a lot of sugar in the mixalready there’s one teaspoon not fulljust like this right and just nicelysprinkle it Ohsecond teaspoon that’s it no more andput more sour cream on it on topyep yeah that’s a lot of sour cream yesit isremember I cooked it on lies and it alsomakes it taste better I don’t know maybeit does could use bother to if you don’thave love you can use butter so that’sitso if you want to put this away and thisis it ladies and gentlemen and you addthis in the parkingnicely done throughout taste the Applein amazing weather nice T Foxtrot mmmnice is so goodthe sour cream[Music][Music]and that’s it yeah I’m gonna go eat therest by myself amazing party one worthyof the pancake with sour cream and Ican’t even cut it show you what it lookslike inside see beautifully no raw doughbeautifully cooked and with apple inthere and everything amazing

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