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HOW TO MAKE PANCAKE SYRUP – Only 4 Ingredients!

How To Make Pancake Syrup –

Why does it seem like we’re always out of pancake syrup? Because we use it all the time. Ha! This video shows you how to make pancake syrup at home, and guess what? Making homemade pancake syrup is SUPER easy! You have all the ingredients in your pantry, and you make it in the microwave. You heard me. It one of those pantry recipes you’ll love making after you learn how to do it. Check out the video, and click the link above to see the full recipe.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello friends it’s a meal from for handsand frugal welcome back to the channeltoday I’m going to show you how to makeyour own[Music][Music][Music][Music]hope you guys enjoy that very very goodrecipe for homemade herbs if you did besure to LIKE the video subscribe stopand go over to our happy little calm forthe written instructions for thisparticular recipe and a whole bunch ofother amazing homemade recipes that youcan make in your home right now todaywe’ll see you again next time bye

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