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How to make pancake by 7 years old , chef.Andrew

I try to encourage my son to eat.This is another the best way to help.He is always picky.He is very smart and love cooking with mom.We still have to do stay home order because of covid19.Hopefully, soon we can go back to normal life.My son can enjoy to play with his buddy again.

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Video Transcription

Oh what we gonna make today okay so wegonna use these Fran was that and JimJemaine huhJemima Jimmy Jimmy MAI thought such oh my god I never reallyread it okay so they have likeproportion ingredients here you canfollow these states so uh Andrew alreadymix the flour with the water right andyou’d whisker to mix it very wellokay mix it please just like a littlebit seven years old making a pancakegood jobgonna turn on to medium heat put butterall around the pan sleep it until itmelts okay and next we going to put themix pancake in on the pan okay you cando whatever shape you want and what isthatyou can really hard to so you can seethere’s a there are some bubbles on topso it tells us that it is ready to beturned okayto be flipped fine fine are you doinglike you tried to make scrambled eggsnow 3d can you show me which one do youmake all of them hey how are you gonnaeat you put a rub you put butter on topOh same brand same ladyAngie Mima hey Jimmy what’s her nameokay enjoy right trying to make smileyface yeah it’s kind of look like asmiley face but like two faces good it’sreally calf okay yah means don’t forgetto subscribe and click the bell andnever miss it and going and enter thehackerit’s my videos and go on my dad’s videostooand my mom’s video is really recordingand make a thumbs up and subscribe andtheir channels and you don’t want tomiss a video

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