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Hi all
In this video, I am making a North African breakfast pancake known as msemen (musammin.) There are different variations to this, but I kept it simple and easy to do.
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Thanks and enjoy
sam x

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Ramadan Kareem to you all welcome backto my channel if you’re new welcomestick around be sure to LIKE comment andsubscribe for future videos today I’mgonna be making something I absolutelyadore now a few years ago I traveled toMorocco and they typically have this forbreakfast it’s their version of theirpancakes and it’s typically squared andit’s known as miss Unwin they have usacross North Africa and the Middle Eastbut I absolutely adore this if ithonestly wasn’t for lockdown I would’vegot my Moroccan friend to have cooked mesome because she makes a beautifulsermon so today I’m gonna make you avery quick video of my version ofsomething[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]this is my take on it my version now youcan have anything you choose with thisit could be sweet or savory such as likecheese you’ve got a Nutella or honeysend my pots here my personal favor is Iabsolutely love apricot jam and thenthere’s honey I prefer this one but youcan have any style anything you wantwith itand there is some in thanks guys don’tforget please like comment sharesubscribe if anything future videos youwant to do leave it down in the commentsbelow I will get back to you guys seeyou next time thanks for watching bye

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