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How to make ice cream pancakes -kid’s style

Hi guys welcome to afro kids this is a simple and easy way to make pancakes with a twist

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Video Transcription

hellowelcome to afro kids my name is ellietoday we’ll be making homemade ice creampancakeshere are the ingredients so what youwould need is buttera spoon to scoop the ice creamice cream you would neednutmeg one cup of flourone egg teaspoon of sugara pan a ladle a spatula[Music]and a bowl so first things first put onecup of flourinside the bowl[Music]next crack one egg[Music]then put one scoop of ice creamafter that put one cup of milk[Music]whisk well whisk for five minutesanother scoop of ice cream[Music]add 1 teaspoon of sugarnow i’ll add the nutmeg[Music][Music]whisk for 5 minutes[Music]now it is ready for fryingalways make sure the pad is hot beforeyou put anything inside[Music]now put a small portion of butter insideyour pannow get your needle and pour some of thepancake batter on the pan[Music]wait for two minutes until you flip[Music]then flip on the other side wait waitfor two minutes to cookkeep flipping until golden brown[Music]now do the same process again smallportion of butterspread it around the panget your nades oil get a small pan smallportion of pancake batter and spread itaround[Music]wait for two minutesand then flip dip until it’s goldenbrown[Music]you wanted your pancake to be like this[Music]timeyum yum in my tongueyou

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