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How to make Herbalife pancakes

Stay on your meal plan with these yummy Herbalife pancakes 🍃🍃🍃If you would like more delicious recipes ⤵️⤵️⤵️ for free .
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Video Transcription

good morning everyone so today I want to
show you a quick low-carb pancake no car
pancake recipe that I use and then I
love study about nutrition is so good
and I love pancakes and I tried to find
ways to replace my favorite foods so
today I put them to making you some
Herbalife protein pancakes now all you
need is some eggs you can use the whole
a however I just use the egg whites
because I don’t really what my thanks to
take a B we’re going to use a little bit
of ground cinnamon I’m going to use some
vanilla mill replacement we’ll have a
bunch of nutrients and vitamins and it’s
just very good celery and nutrition also
I won’t be using another protein powder
today I’ve used a little bit of vanilla
extract and normally I would add some
fruit in it but I don’t have any so
we’re gonna run around with this today
so basically just drop the eat
so if you dropped in don’t worry just
scoop it out so basically I’m going to
add a little bit of cinnamon
I don’t do it in any kind of order this
is my protein powder I’m going to put
one and a half of those but now this is
gonna be protein another mill
replacement and I’m going to put a dash
of enough
you know I just want to with me
now you can also put it in a blender
whatever is easy for you but I’m gonna
whisk it because that’s what I do
and you just get it a nice just I’m in
the blender probably make it user he’s
behind me cuz no burglar pancakes with a
family in this is what I’m when your own
you’re our milkman you had to be strong
yeah they’ve come up with different
alternatives you know so you can eat
with the family and you don’t collect
you deprive I’m just want to keep
whisking it up and up I’ll be back in to
finish my day of my better
as you can see my family have these
amazing pancakes but it’s gonna be okay
because my pancakes are going to be
kissing each other
see how to kind of look right here they
just flip up I like mine crown you don’t
have to let them make it go this start
but that’s how I basically light on my
pancakes and the thing is okay for me to
eat all three if I wanted to because I
have egg whites and I had my real
replacement normally I would make that
into a shape but I just added a little
bit more ingredient stuff and feel like
I’m having breakfast with my baby so
sometimes you don’t want to shakes all
the time so pretty much this is it
and one line you have regular pancakes
and you have protein pancakes now you
can take and top this with a little bit
of I’m going to use a little bit of
organic maple syrup just a tablespoon or
you can put fresh fruit you can put
apple butter and you can put almond
butter which I love
however way you choose to state your
milk and enjoy the foods that you love
so I’m going to go in and what you know
I should have taste test but I’m gonna
go in and you just pancake and I wish
you guys all and everything

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