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How to make Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes At Home

We are making some fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes today! These home-made fluffy japanese souffle pancakes are delicious and wonderfully light. I love how they use very little flour compared to the traditional pancakes. which is great because flour is hard to come by right now!

Ingredients enough to make 4:

2 Egg Yolks (approximately 40g)
15ml Whole Milk or alternative
10g Melted Butter or vegetable oil
1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract (approx 2ml)
30 g All Purpose Flour
3 Egg Whites (Approx 120g)
50g Caster or Fine Sugar
20ml Water


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Video Transcription

today we’ll be making some soup apancakesthese are wonderfully light and fluffy Ilove how they use very little flourcompared to traditional pancakes whichis great because flour is hard to comeby right now is Isaac and welcome backto the channel as usual for recipe downbelow the description let’s get goingwe’ll begin by whipping up some eggyolks in the small to medium-sized bowladd a tablespoon of milk some meltedbutter and vanilla extractfeel free to replace the milk of anyalternatives and the butter withvegetable group for me I’ve usedhazelnut milk because that’s all I hadat home keep beating it until it’s niceand foamy next sit in 30 grams flour andgently combine stop when the mixture isnice and even that makes sure you don’tover mix this recipe is enough to makefour really thick pancakes not too badfor just 30 grams of flour right ontothe secrets are all that fluffiness I’mof course talking about the egg whitesin the medium sized mixing bowl whip upsome egg whites until it’s nice andfoamy start off on the low-speed andgradually ramp up after about twominutes you can start to add the sugardo this in two or three goes and keep onbeating on the high-speed for anotherfew minutes eventually you have a nicemeringue mixture that should be able tohold a shape just like this bakers liketo call this the stiff peak because thepeaks are able to support yourselfalright next we want to combine the eggyolk and the meringue so take 1/3 of themeringue and mix this into the egg yolkthis is just to loosen up the yolkmixture is easier to fold in the rest ofthe meringueonce you’re happy with it use a spatulato fold in the remainder of the mirrorbe very gentle of this big sweet don’twant to lose all that air in the mixtureotherwise we’ll end up a very normallooking flat pancake to make it easierto get into a circle I’m gonna fill apiping bag with the batter if you don’thave one don’t worry you can use ameasuring jug or just a spoon just makesure you pour it in slowly heat up a panand medium low heat and lightly greasethe bottom make sure the heat isn’t onhigh otherwise the air will evaporatetoo quickly and you end up with flatpancakes once the pan is hot pour inyour batter just like this I also addeda bit of extra on the side to make surewe can use as a test on when to fliplater on you’ll see what I mean in theminute drizzle about one teaspoon ofwater on the side of the pan beforeclosing the lid this will create somesteam and help with the rise you cancheck on them after two minutes and atthis point the base is pretty much setwhich is a perfect time to add anotherdollop of batter on top for that extraheight if the water evaporated just addone more teaspoon and close the lidagain after another two minutes we cancheck on them again at this point we canflip the pancakes but you know everycooker and stove is a little bitdifferent so make sure you check thetest batter first in my case it wasevenly browned which means they get togo flip chip pancakes add a little bitmore water and cook for another fourminutes with the lid on[Music]once the wait is over you should havethese lovely thick pancakes don’t letthem sit in the pan though and make sureyou move them onto the plate otherwisewell you’ve guessed it the air willescape and you’ll get black pancakes allthat’s left is for you to add yourfavorite toppings I’ve gone simple withsome icing sugar and golden syrup butfeel free to be much more adventurous Iknow we’re spending a lot of time athome right now so it’s nice to becooking something like this as a treatonce in a while I hope you’ve enjoyedthis recipe take care and I’ll see you

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