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How to Make Easy Pancakes Cooking with Grandchildren | @homewithme

In How to Make Easy Pancakes, I’m Cooking with Grandchildren so we are @athometogether. I invite you to cook with me as I show them how to make pancakes from scratch. This is the best pancake recipe for beginners so stay #athomewithme and let’s make some pancakes!

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About this video: In How to Make Easy Pancakes Cooking with Grandchildren | @homewithme, Denise Jordan has her grandchildren join her for a virtual cooking session where they learn how to make pancakes from scratch. This easy pancake recipe is perfect for children just learning how to cook pancakes. Video content includes pancakes, butter milk pancakes, the art and science of homemaking, and includes an invitation to stay @athomewithme.

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Video Transcription

[Music]in this video I invite you to stay athome with me and we are going to makepancakes from scratch keep watching[Applause][Music]if you’re new to my channel I’m DeniseGerman and I teach traditional homemaking for today’s woman so if you wantto learn more about the art and scienceof home making subscribe and double tapthat little bell icon so you don’t missany upcoming videos okay let’s talkabout pancakes I am making pancakes withmy grandchildren today we are going tobe at home together there are threedifferent stays involved and I am soexcited I have really been missing themand one of the things that I enjoy doingis cooking in the kitchen teaching themhow to do different things and sincethey’re there and we’re here and all ofus are under stay at home orders Idecided I’m going to connect with themtoday online we are going to use zoomand we’re going to be at home togetherin this kitchen and we’re makingpancakes from scratch and I thought whoapancakes something they can learn tocook for themselves right now one of thethings that’s missing from the shelvesin many grocery stores is pancake mixand I find that so many of today’s youngwomen don’t know how to make pancakefrom scratch and pancakes are so easy tomake so that’s what we’re going to dotodayso I’ve got two little ones in Georgiaages eight and ten and then agrandnephew also in Georgia he’s 15and then to grandchildren in Tennesseeages 16 and 14 and we’re going to makepancakes at home together so let’s getthat started they are always so happy tosee their granddaddy and he’s alwayshappy to see them I’ve got my iPad setup on the table so I can see all of thekids enter gret and they can see me Iwas so excited to welcome them to thevery first cooking with Grandma and theywere very excited as well so then I dida quick check to make sure that everyonehad everything at their station thatthey needed and even though there weretwo children in two different homes Itold the parents each child needed theirown Bowl so you want one and a half cupsof flour oh and let me ask you this nowis anybody anything special to theirpancakes I’m going to add a bowl oohberries to mine so now you want to putyour flower in your biggest bowl 1/2cups of flour and we’re going to put theflour in our biggest goal because here’sthe thing guys first we’re going to haveto mix up our dry ingredients and thenwe’ll mix up our wet ingredients andthen we’ll put the wet into the drum sothat’s why the flour goes in yourbiggest bowl because the most of thestuff’s going to go in there and thenHuth using a skillet to cook theirpancakes and who has a grillyes yesso what half cups of flour in your bowl[Music]and you fill that comes up and if youdump it in your bones and your biggestbump okay everybody got their flockwatch see my kids you still getting herflour together that’s fine one of theApple cups of flour Mackenzie in yourbowl and your biggest bowlMorgan’s just bouncing around I was soexcited wait for you guys to come one soone two threeeverybody got their sugar in are wewaiting on Barbie to eat person okay getyour sugar in no buzzing I’m going tospeak to you real quick you’re makingbuttermilk pancakesmine’s e only you’re going to need 1/2teaspoon of baking soda so put that inyour dry mix while we’re waiting forthem to finish their sugars are you guysready for the next step now we’re goingto need one and a half teaspoons 1 and1/2 teaspoons of baking powderbaking powder one and a half teaspoonsof baking powder right one and a half sofind that you’ll need that too and thenice thing about the baking powder canit’s got that nice little lip there thatyou can kind of stretch to make sure youget a level spoon so what did it haveteaspoons of baking powder okay so nowwhat do we have in our dry ingredientsso far we have one and a half cups offlour we have our three types schooljust sugar we have 1/2 teaspoons ofbaking powderlunch it has some soda but you know he’she’s special today and do we need tohave 1/2 teaspoon of saltso what happy spoon of salt I put mysalt in this little thing here justbecause it’s easy for me to get the songout for you guys charity what I wouldrecommend is putting the salt in alittle bowl or dish so they can scoop itfrom the air cuz whenever I try to justpour the salt I end up pouring too muchin so if you guys have all your dryingredients in yep mazi you got anythingin you now we’re gonna take our whiskand we’re going to mix it up just whiskit up if you don’t have the list you canuse away spoon so we’re just gonna kindof mix everything together well there’snone of your time you don’t want to chopMorgan you want to just kind of you justkind of stir it all that so that all ofthe dry ingredients are mixed togethernow we’re going to work on our wetingredients and we’re going to use a 1to 1 milk to flour ratio so we need 1and 1/2 cups of milkand now we add three tablespoons ofunsalted butter and I showed the kidshow to look on the wrapper and see wherethe tablespoon markings were and then weslice it off where we needed it to beand I popped a mine in the microwave tomelt it and I put it in for about 20seconds and then I put it in for another10 just to get a good amount on itit helps to slice it up before you putit in the microwave just helps it tomelt a little quicker now the littlegirls were able to handle the microwaveby themselves then it was time to addour eggs and I like to put my eggs inseparate bowls so that I can crack themand make sure they’re okay because whatyou don’t want to have happen is for youto crack the egg into your bowl and it’sa bad egg and then you’ve ruined yourwhole mixture and you’ve got to startover so I figured I would just chasethem back like from the beginning and asit turned out my eggs were fine thenyou’re gonna use your minor width or ifyou need a bigger bowl you probably needa bigger goal if you can’t whip it youmight need a bigger bowl you guys seethat so now add your butter to your milkso I got my griddle and I got Crisco oilcuz that’s what I use all the time soI’m going to put a little oil in thereand I’m going to spread this oil allover my skillet for my little pan yesyou can but you want to make us get asmaller one oh that’s kind of big youwant something small but a bridge likenow I’m going to put my dry ingredientsin front of me so bring your dryingredients in front of you and nowwe’re going to pour our wet ingredientsinto the dry that’s why the dry ones wasin the biggest bowl so now we’re goingto pour this in I told them not toexpect their batter to be smooth toexpect to have little lumps but theywanted to seek what my batter look likeand Morgan said hers had lots of lumpsso I looked at my iPad and held it rightover my bowl so they could see it soMcKenzie and I wanted to put blueberriesin our pancakes so what you do is youtake a tablespoon of flour and you tossyour blueberries in the flour and thenwhen you put the blueberries in yourbatterthey don’t just automatically think tothe bottom so now let’s cook somepancakesso I moved my iPad so that I could seethem and they could still see me theirpancakes are looking beautiful now thelittle girls needed their mom to helpthem just a little bit with the stovebut everybody else was good to gopeek underneath themso I got my first set off the griddleand then I put some butter on them andI’ll put them in the oven and let themkeep warm while I get another stat goingreally enjoyed you guys joining me todayI’m just so glad candy thank you becauseI know the little ones need your helpyeah they did this is my sausage okay sogranddaddy’s anybody make that[Music]wellthings turned out very nicely I was sopleased it was so nice being able toconnect with my grandchildren and mygrandnephew in this way I have justreally been missing all of them and sotoday was an at home together so we wereall in our own individual homes we hadto spent in Georgia and a sentence themewe’re here in Indianabut we were all together and it was sonice we were going to do FaceTime and weended up having to do a zoom connectionthere was something going on with one ofthem with two other grandchildren’sFaceTime length so their mom set up azoom link and then we just did it byzoom but then one of the children whohave an iPhone for some reason theycouldn’t see everyone they couldn’t seethe whole grid so I think next weekwe’re going to get together again nextweek on Saturday at 12:30 Eastern nowwe’re going to make buttermilk cornmuffins and I’m going to suggest that heused a laptop to do the zoom becausethen you know you can get the grid toyou want to see everybody but it was sonice and the kids had such a good timeand the little girls you should haveseen them jumping up and down speciallythe morning her pancakes turned outbeautifully so we made buttermilkpancakes lanzi and buttermilk so hedidn’t buttermilk pancakes and thenJordy and CJ did it regular pancakes andI did buttermilk paint well I didblueberry pancakes and then Morgan andMackenzie did blueberry and regularpancakes and we all had a good time andI just so missed them so it was reallynice to be able to connect with them inthis way I am going to send them therecipe I’m going to write it down with arecipe card and hopefully they can putit in their treasure box and save it andwhythey’ll look back and say oh this is apancake recipe for my grandmother andit’s in my grandma’s handwriting becauseI treasured those who might come acrossa recipe or a little scrap of a note ina cookbook that was my grandmother’s orgreat-grandmother’s it really means alot it just kind of shows you how thatconnection goes point so but it wasreally nice now if you enjoyed thisvideo you might enjoy some of my otherbaking videos where I show you how tomake vintage buttermilk biscuits andvintage cornbread muffins and speakingof vintage you know we talked about thatum my daughter was saying that shewasn’t sure if they had baking powderand they might have to go out and get itbut they will find it in the cabinet andI said no the whole idea behind this wasthat you not have to go up and getanything and during these very uncertaintimes when we’re all on lockdownby going stay at home together it’s likewe would figure it out and I said duringthe war and other times like that whenthings were scarce there were ways tomake pancakes and other breadswith just what you had at home andthat’s what we didso you want to see some of that vintagebaking and people making things withwhat they had at homecheck out my war baking room made thevintage cornbread muffins and they’realso deep buttermilk biscuits and justso you know I’ve raised three childrenand I have managed a home for more than45 years so if you want to learn moreabout the art and science of home makingsubscribe I would love to have you as amember of the TNT community and in themeantime this is Denise Jordan sayinggoodbye and before you go I’m alwaystalking about the art and science ofmaking and today’s science had to dowith the baking powder and thebuttermilk I was prepared if George andCJ couldn’t find buttermilk or whethercouldn’t find baking powder but they hadbaking soda to let them know what theycould substitute in place of back andtheir minds aheadmilk and so I was prepared to tell themwhat he needs to do to make buttermilkpancakes so it all worked out so thescience today was the chemical reactionyou get with the baking soda bakingpowder the buttermilk and all that kindof thing just look at thatdelicious[Music]

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