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How To Make Double Chocolate Pancakes

I wanted to drop another simple cooking breakfast video that could easily solve a sweet tooth. How to make double chocolate Pancakes is just a chill video about me switching up my ordinary routine of making pancakes and getting a little creative. I forgot to add in the video that I added an egg but that is not a requirement. I also substituted out milk with water because my milk spoiled it probably would have come out richer but it was all good in the end. Thanks for watching the video and supporting the channel.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

yes come back today we made chocolatepancakes with[Music]yeah the oil seems about ready now youcan tell the walls ready you see how itI fail to see that lazy other washes sofirst best right I want the chocolateSean one stop reading it’s not showingwe’ll check in then flip[Music]alright guys welcome back we have ourpancakes right here we have thechocolate the white chocolate and anyout right here you know what awesomedoesn’t ityeah not worried about this that’ssomething new I know they taste good Imean just taste it right now you see howthey take it I know they taste good theylook like a whole week but it’s reallychocolate I know they taste good but theway how they look nothing look betterI mean look at this alright I’ll saythis eye looks goodbesides I mmm to talk about a wholewheatI like protein pancakes but that’s whatwe came here forI want something with the don’t I alsodon’t have a cert this time so I’mreally out here eating dry pancakes Iwanted to be I wanted it to be darker Iwanted it to be darker black and thencome out the way I wanted itwhere is my mother so I dig into thefood mm-hmmdon’t even taste the white chocolate I’mgonna taste it I worked it was likealright guys hope you guys enjoyed Icatch you guys next time

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