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How to make Corn Pancakes – GSI Fairshare Mug II
Making corn pancakes seem to be easy enough to make at an overnighte campsite.

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Video Transcription

[Music]good afternoon my friends I’m back atthe campsite on my Friday nightovernight we’ve been doing it everyFriday night for years now this timeit’s going to be about food what I’mgonna make tonight consists of it’ssimple enough it consists of three threethings it’s a I brought a whole this intonight this is a little can of I’mwhole curl her whole kernel corn this isflour now this is tempura te MP you area tempura flours what to use for fryingshrimp chicken and things it just sticksto the meat but um it’s sold at yourlocal store mostly you can find it atthe rental stores this what it is it’sjust regular flour that’s got corn flourbaking powder white eggs it’s got thethings that it needs so you don’t haveto mix them up you just buy it astempuraI think McCormick makes a packet of itbut anyway so this you need these twothings opted to bring olive oil nowusually my wife makes this it’s a it’s acorn pancake and she usually makes itwith butter who don’t like corn on thecob with butterseeing a lot of people pull this juiceout but actually that’s well that’s whyyour vitamins are now[Music]Mike said he didn’t want any so bonappetit oak Susu Susu oak Sousou isKorean for corn oak Sousou yella Cohenyeah so since he don’t want any thiswill be my supper what I brought I guessI won’t be eating that okay until nextweek I got one it’s a little morecomplicated than this and up can I thinkI’ll bring it out and give it a tryhey stop just a side dish – anyway untilnext week thanks for watching

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