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How to make Chinese Egg Stuffed Pancake (鸡蛋灌饼)

This is a classic Chinese Street Food and I can’t tell you how much me and my girlfriend love it! It has great texture and great flavor!

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back today we’llbe making the Chinese egg stuff pancakein a medium bowl we’re going to addabout 1/2 bowl of all-purpose flour thenwe’re going to season the flour withsome salt then add about 1 tea cup ofwater for start and now we’re going tomake the dough now get in therewhere’s your hand and start mixing upthe flour with the water really well andas you’re doing that you will feel ifyour flour is too dry or too wet if itis too wet then you want to add moreflour into it it was too dry then youwant to gradually add more water into itbut don’t want you don’t want to add toomuch water at once just because youprobably ended up making more pancakethan you then your visionary wanted youfor all of you that has never made adough before it is quite simple onceyour dough starts to form use the tip ofyour finger flip the top of your doughinto the center and use a pump to pressonto it as you get more comfortable andbetter at doing it you will actuallyfind out it’s quite fun to do it and isreally relaxing for me so I massage mydough for about 10 minutes just becausethe more much you massage your dough thebetter texture you will get after youcook it now as you can see the top ofour dough is really smooth so at thispoint we are going to cover our doughwith a clean and wet towel the reasonfor this is so our dough can relax youknow moist environment we want the doughto relax for at least 20 minutesmeanwhile we’re going to prep our eggso crack one egg into the bowl and thenwe’re going to add milk into it and thenwe’re going to whisk our egg in the milkwhich whisk really well until you see alot of bubble on top generally speakingthe more bubble you have on top of youregg mixture and more tender your eggwill be after you cook it[Music]now for the fillings I’ve chosen wingedonion and chicken hot dog but you canactually use anything to be as yourfilling you can use ground pork you canuse bone beef you can even use onshingle anything because the pancakeitself is like a tortilla you can addanything into it and it will taste goodnow our dough has rested for 20 minuteswe’re going to put some flour onto thecutting board and then we’re going toroll our dough a little bit and thenwe’re going to cut our dough into smallbut equal pieces like so meanwhile wecan prep our oil and flour mixturereally self explained or just add waterand flour into a bowl mix well untilflour is who absorb into the oil forthis does is this is going to help tocreate air bubble on the pancake so whencooking it we can add our egg fillinginto the pancake now we’re going to rollour dough into a long thin piece like soand then we’re going to add our oil andflour mixture on top of the dough andthen we’re going to roll the dough upset it aside apply the same process toevery single dough by the time youfinish was the last dough your firststep should be ready so just press downuntil it is round and then we’re goingto use our rower and we’re going to makethin and round apply the same process toall the dough now it is time to prep ourfilling everybody’s different but for meI just boiled my chicken hotdogs untilit is fully cooked and then I just setit asidewaiting to be usedhot pan coal oil and we’re going to adda little bit more of that oil and flourmixture on top of the pancake before wedrop it and then we’re going to cook ourpancake on a high heat until you seethat air bubbles start to write thatit’s great news that means our oil andthe flour mixture is working and that isexactly how are we going to get our eggmixture inside the pancake usechopsticks or fork or whatever tool youchoose to use to poke that air bubbleand then we’re going to add our eggfilling into the hole so the egg mixturecan get into the pancake don’t worry ifyou have a little bit egg mixture thatis running outside the hole that wecreated because now we’re going to flipour pancake once we flip it the egg isgoing to get cooked and then seal thehole on the pancake now I like to pressdown on the pancake just because thisway I know my egg is getting cooked itis truly a recommendation you don’t haveto do it as long as your egg is cookedand the pancake has just really nice andgolden brown color on top of it andyou’re good to go as you can see mypancake over here is almost done Icouldn’t tell you how excited I was thisis a classic Chinese Street food lasttime I made it my girlfriend devourthose pancakes now I have to apologizebecause it is so good I forgot to takepictures so but there you have it youcan enjoy with sweet bean paste or syrupword sriracha or ketchup anything youwantand it is going to taste good[Music][Music]it was so satisfying to take that firstbite well there you have it guys if youliked this video please hit that likebutton and subscribe for more[Music]

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