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How to Make Buttery Pancakes| Kids Cooking

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Sydney cooked some yummy green buttery pancakes for her mommy. Click on the video to see how she made these delicious pancakes!



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Video Transcription

[Music]so we melted the butter on the stove I’mback you’re back okay I have 100 nowthen I’m going to put it in the bowl andI have some Wow yeah you have somesecret thing I have some sugar and I’mgonna put it in the bowl okay so firstput your 1 cup of flour in a bowl holdongood job sugar even you can add that nowget one more full spoon yes you can youdid it of baking powder 1 spoon ofbaking soda[Music][Music]we pull one me they were going insidethe eggs[Music][Music]in the middle of the flower now I cansee the Clio[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I hope you guys enjoyed the video todaydon’t forget to Like comment andsubscribeciao

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