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How to Make Animal Pancakes!

Spring Break is here and we’re all quarantined- so why not learn how to make animal pancakes for breakfast! Learn how to make a dinosaur, bunny bottoms, a bear and an owl! It’s so easy a 3 or 4 year-old an do it!

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Video Transcription

[Music]one two threetoday we are going little a pancake lakeand price and we are going to make somefun pancakes because spring break iscoming up and we’re all at home so wethought making pancakes like eatsomething the moms and the dads and thekids could do together my husband thecameraman – Luke closer so you can seewith our first son funky kids we’regonna make your shirt are you readythis one boomokay so we’re starting with a pancake Iput four pieces of turkey bacon to bethe dinosaurs beep brycie can you passme just tail this long bananas gonna bethe tail okay thank you you’re gonna putit right there who wants chocolate okayactually sorry guys we can gostrawberries I’m gonna do the first oneas the face and then Blake and Bryce youguys I’m gonna give you they wash theirhands some strawberries to put on thetail and then you can do thestrawberries right here on his body likethis like this tournament away mommy’sturning them upside omelet Blake you canget started and one right here Bracyupside over you’ve got it buddylike this on top good work good workthat one kind of dig okay so that one’skind of big so well you guys are suchgood helpers like thatnow chocolates who wants chocolate meokay Bryce see for the chocolate on theface Blake you’re gonna put a chocolatelike all right like that I need just oneeyes good one to look like a dinosaurwell this time is so we’re imagining hismouth there he isokay okay hold on let’s show daddy whatwe made dinosaur pancake you’re gonnaeat them yeah guys now this is what youguys are going to eat for breakfasttoday a pancake booty who wants to makea pancake booty me present you guys thisyou wanted to make so pancake booty whatyou’ll need is a big pancake okay herelet’s give you an even bigger okay youcan do that okay then[Music]so then you’re gonna take your pancakesB which is two tiny circles I know Ialready did when you tried to get twopancakes that are the same size okaydon’t touch everything guide you got ityou’re doing greatthat’ll work okay okay so for his pawsyou need to pick out two bananas and puthim in the middle of his paws of hisfeet okayare you excited nice feet then does abunny okay so we have icing here becauseI don’t have whipped cream whipped icingwhipped cream so if you have whippedcream you would just squeeze it on therebut for the sake of a tail white icingwill do for his little tail right thereokay and why Dyson will do for thelittle tail right here okay and should abunny have claws on his paws chocolateso you can put some paws on his feetguys like around there on his feet soyou want to put him down there yeah cuzthose are his paws and sharp claws okayyeah that’s good maybe three on eachside okay that’s good you guys madegreat all right let’s stop there up herelet’s turn it around so dad you can seewhat you madeyay your bunny booty hey guys so of mycalls have taken a break they needed toeat pancakes in the light of TV show soI just want to show you this is probablythe easiest pancake you can make a bearyou just cut to little tiny pancakecircles in halfthose are bananas and high balls boomthere you go they’ll love it okay nextone is a little bit more complicatedthis is the most complicated of all butnot too complicated fun it’s gonna be anowl okay so we start with two circularpancakes from there let’s give theawesome I that’s my baby girl and thenthe grapes are his pupils we’re gonna dothe inside like that okay and then hislittle flaps are cut up three cut upthree cut up applesthose are his wings okayhis nose is a strawberry cut in a littlecylinder shape and his hair is also thestrawberries cut like thatyou see sheep Cree was tired of thisshow she said pay attention to me whenyou can see these are his feet I justtook a strawberry and cut little wedgesin the feet and then you stand them upjust like that that’s it guys to recapwe learned how to make a dinosaur andhow to make bunny booties not pancakebootywe also learned how to make a bear andan owl so these should be super funspring break breakfast ideas that youcan do with your kids while we’re allstaying home and stay with faith godbless thanks for watchingthe spring of Spring Break edition ofthe quarantine cooking chronicles withme your host Portia Gorman

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