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How to make a pancake | royal pancake | Munting Kusina ni Ate Bing

mga ka sissy ingredients below

Royal Pancake:
2 cups of flour
2 whole eggs
1 cup water
8 oz royal
1 tbsp. baking powder
toppings (margarine&sugar)

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Video Transcription

hi welcome back to my channel Maha CCAtoday’s people is royal pancake mama CCand open up a drink away so uncle angleimpunity I 2 eggs 1 tbsp baking powder 1cup water 2 cups of florida post it postNarayan an atomic ICICI so minutes not aunified elegant night a new 2 cups offloor and an elegant Avenue bakingpowder and actually mama CecinaMahalaleel Oh Veneto masa minutes and Iwill have my ingredientsso high or neutral again Araneta new 2eggs[Music]pick a netting up in your water[Music]aunt Ella gay Canary numeronius AoyamaRoy il capo SEO is important and ethosand then optionally Wilma Assisi Arisakaeconomic with royal param Ionia nama andfennekin come amid now if up Mel Joemassara pinion and so it meets LynetteOh simple on your waterso enter sample sample erotic vikramasec so we miss Tina Tina McGeeParimal wanna Amon Amarth so the relayfor your potatoand then company on vanilla pudding youmock the guy so much massara pianos meI’m a bum and then I’m over sayingloudly like a say I don’t know and I puton my boy better pox upon opening thephone analogy I’m gonna share in thesame neck tag anything you let that fourkey points and so new it’s an anomalyget the oil and on Sam again even amission attend to literally lungyeah and so often otama Assisithey didn’t have any pollutant myromanticism of Jupiter designer addingfat cakes oh and up in a pan hereemotional cooking oilpara Hindi DeMille Aton a mature waynaboombu nanahoValentino McCabe okay I am po endodonticin an 18-yard a picture yeah so you gotopen tomorrow at any moment six to sevenregular size na pancake head open andmama sissy para almonds aha[Music]La Bajada lingo in the nether and in thevillage London Somalia after threeminutes or by the new syllable Mikeydenominator yo mama say mama Africainitiative in Madhuban upon independenceso malignant phonetically after a fewminutes numberI thought so I thought oh man by thename if datayeah but nobody kappa odyssic with thepop-eyed money long seconds longNewtonian so banana habilis Hainan andin a new capacity new bookAB Papa Joe massara bean pancake andthen fluffy sure socially de little moremercy seat and let’s evolution are beingmake sure so I am become a littleappalled[Music]Chanin after my own adding royal party aseasonal again omission a margin in andthen white sugar for the toppings weemploy a slice method parameter newcomposition of apple and a copy yeah andso I am so sample sample oh mama Ceceplease don’t forget to subscribe andenjoy[Music]

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