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How to make a banana pancake part 2 cooking the pancake

Cooking the pancake


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Video Transcription

okay right departure of hard to make a
pronoun pancake in the kitchen what are
you you what you do what you do
am i yeah am i right what is that make
sure it’s nice and so so necessary add
some oil first so just put the oil in
and then what you do yeah what you do is
make sure it’s not too mushy then add
some of this so here carefully I’m gonna
get a spoon clear eyes well we don’t
need let’s just pageant is cool they’re
nice and that’s almost like a circle you
gonna wait fast so it’ll be fast motion
and Tamara will be over the pancake
so this is the parody over the pan and
if we wondering how to get this amazing
pan this way again link in description
but like to get it but you have to be a
member but oh but um there once I would
go all for you
there’s a split goes on the pancake now
if you need see the leaves um it’s a bit
it’s blowing so I’m not gonna put her oh
let’s just put it out of its now let’s
see what it would look like so my
persons go home now can you see the pan
yeah okay can you see your pancake now
guys close your eyes do this is whoa
look like now those cut it down a bit so
there’s a plate yeah yeah
um I was making game another food I said
that’s why am i this food is cooking
very quick my pancakes very quick
lovemaking egg now it’s really not what
you see it that’s cool so I’m going here
now just can you make sure the doesn’t
off okay what you do we can make more
now so I’m gonna make a big one round so
let’s make it and make sure it is
and that if you do not want to make
another package in every job but what do
you think you put maple syrup on which
is this and then you can decorate it
with bananas and then we’re done I pay
for I’m gonna make two pancakes put it
on top then and maple syrup then add
this but then but then just bless wait
for the pancakes so just close eye on
the pancake let’s see let’s see so I
just focus with the pancake okay let me
just check it okay guys are you ready
universe now don’t worry cuz the recipe
will be in the link in description below
or you can watch it on the video just
exactly like this link in description
below okay so this is the non a pancake
just to remind you now here is the
camera no no are you focused on the
put it on the pancake remember to do one
more because we have some mixture left
and then I’m just gonna put one more
pancake on because we’ve got in because
we’ve got more mixture and we do my
family does not waste anything your
hands might get dirty but that’s that’s
what cooking is your hands get dirty so
make sure you don’t touch the pan oh I
accidentally did lime okay so just now I
suggest I’m a dissolved I suggest if you
are younger I suggest listen I don’t do
this for you guys there may be much more
dangerous so I’m gonna take the camera
I’m gonna focus on this beautiful and
it’s been six minutes and we already
made two pancakes how quick is that
let’s see what it looks like when we
flip it can you see this
okay this is perfect maybe I’m gonna be
a bitch because I keep it over to well
but so can you see the pancake now hey
presto since my days gonna be for my mom
and unless I’m at the end I remember
remember before you start cooking part 3
it’s decorate taste nice thank you

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