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How to get people to like you🤷!Making Pancakes for Breakfast🤤. Part 1

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The psychologist william james said,

” One of the deepest drives of human nature is the desire to be appreciated.”

The feeling of not being wanted or needed is one of the most devastating for all human reaction. This feeling of not being wanted or needed produces frustation, ageing, illnesd. If you have a feeling of not being wanted or needed you really ought to do something about it . It is not only a pathetic way to live but is serious psychologically. Those who deal with the problem of human nature, constantly encounter this problem and it’s unfortunate results.

I seperate this topic in two part . Part 2 will come next week so wait for it.

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1. Oats
2. Banana
3. Honey
4. Sesame powder
5. Vanilla ascence
6. Sugar crushed
7. Oil
8. Milk

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