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In this video I go through my pancake making process. Try it out, its pretty good if I do say so myself.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what’s good everyone welcome to anotherone of these things these things calledvideos yeah this video I go over how Imake pancakes it’s really it’s reallycasual kind of videos hope you’ll enjoyit roll the intro let’s roll the intro[Music]okay start off put some eggs push thoseto the side get you some milkI prefer fresh milk but like whatevermilk you can get that’s cool some flourso freezing is my personal preferencebut you can always use normal homebaking flour just add some baking powdersome essence of vanilla a little bit ofchocolate because these are chocolatechip cookies so you’re gonna need thechocolate I had mine freaking the scaleI wanted to use the scale but I decidednot to because I never use the scale Ijust kind of guess so yeah is thatyou’re gonna need a container to mix itin obviouslyand a whisk I forgot to show the part ofthe whisk so at this point I wanted todo just split the egg whites and the eggyolks and then I ended up not on meabsolutely shattering that egg so it isjust all over the place like yeahthere’s a bit of shell there I put theegg whites in the small bowl and put theyolk as you can see in the big bowl andit was supposed to be the other wayaround cuz you’re supposed to put injust the eggs work egg whites egg whiteswhat’s a heart so I just decided love itlet’s just crack all the eggs into thecontainer I’m in this look at thecurtain pulling a curved cameo putting acameo the window just all over the placealso I used for eggs another cameo youwhisk the eggs you can use a fork or aspoon or whatever but like this makesure that you beat the eggsbeat it like it owes you money andhasn’t paid I’ve been taking you aroundin circles like the risk you lose thepoint where you add the milk you don’thave to beat them for that long when youknow it’s because risk is prettyeffective yeah make sure you spill themilk everywhere that’s like a pro tipyeah just spit it all over the place[Music]that’s a 500-pound milliliters yes Iwant an ml package of the flour mix thatin[Music]I added a cup of sugar I’m not a big fanof adding too much sugar onto my into mypancakes mix that up now here I waschecking for consistency since I do notmeasure I’d like to just kind of liftthe whisk up and the thickness of the ofthe batter will let me know when it’sgood to grow so I was looking for likethis was a quick grip I was looking formore like a viscous kind of texture thisone I added the vanilla essenceyeah mix that inhave a little bit of taste cheeky littletaste I added the chocolate chips herethat’s about a handful of chocolatechips this is just basically personalpreference I didn’t want too muchchocolate in my pancakes so I just addeda little bit but like you can add a lotmore now this is the vegetable oil youcan use butter you can use olive oil youcan use whatever for lubricant there iswithin your disposal or pan and aspatulayou could use a spoon so drizzle a bitof oil onto the pan let that heat up andthen spread it evenly I lower the heaton the burner all the way down to thelowest level I like to these two so theycook all the way to the inside and youget a nice fluffy pancake you pour inthe batter and just let it just let itdo its thing like it’ll spread itselfit’ll do a little thing here the bubblesat the top start to form and when theystart popping and then they they leavelike holes then it’s about time to flipit look at that golden brown[Music]yeah leave that on there for aboutanother minute like the whole processshould take about four or five minutesmaybe four but the key to this is takingyour time cook it cook it low and slowand you’re gonna get a nice fluffy I’malways seeing some people like kind ofsquishing it down just like smashing itnow and that’s just that’s gonna destroythem just don’t do that do not[Music]so this batter ended up making aboutseven pancakes I only filmed beforebecause I’m impatient and this was justI was I was getting in the way ofeveryone so I just[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]

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