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How do pancakes make in Thailand 😜😝😃😱😍😍😍

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m not gonna be playinganything[Music]something like crazy snow today we’regonna be showing you that hell pancakesme making a tiny I know this is gonna belike this one is we’re doing the birdit’s gonna be for a minutelike my dad’s okay and we you can see itit’s pretty cool so it’s really like putthe burning thing got the band and theythey spread it well thanks cool and thenthey put the Nutella inside it and thendidn’t do it something like that shouldwatch it again with the mistake I thinkwe should this is such a small idea weshould watch it at least when two moretimes so let’s getokaywell that’s yummy now[Music][Music][Music]why did we meet it’s really fabulous butthat really shouldn’t[Music]

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