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Gathering Elderberry Flowers To Make Pancakes

Elderberry Flowers Make A Healthy And Tasty Additive To Pancakes. Native Americans used the ripe berries and the flowers for food and for medicinal purposes. Common Elderberry is a native deciduous shrub in the Moschatel family (Adoxaceae). It can be found throughout the Deep South. Common Elderberry occurs on the banks of creek and rivers, on the shores of ponds and lakes, in low woods, and along wet roadside ditches. It is a deciduous multi-trunked shrub reaching heights of 12-15 feet. The bark is gray-brown in color with conspicuous lenticels. The stems are thin walled with a large area of white pith. The leaves are opposite, petiolate, and odd pinnately compound with 7-9 leaflets. The leaflets are lanceolate to elliptic in outline, pubescent along the veins, with serrate margins. The leaves have a rank odor when crushed. Flowers are produced in terminal compound cymes. The individual flowers have 5 white petals. The fruit is a black drupe. The fruit of Common Elderberry are eaten by a wide variety of bird species. The fruit can be made into jelly, jam, or wine. The flowers can be battered and fried to make fritters. Common Elderberry has also been used in herbal medicine mainly to treat breathing problems and fevers. All parts of the plant except the flowers and ripe fruit contain cyanogenic glycoside and are toxic if eaten. Children often make “pea shooters” from the hollowed-out stems of Common Elderberry. #elderberry #elderflowers

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Video Transcription

White elderberry flowers bloom each
Spring in the Florida Panhandle andtoday we are going to gather some of
these flowers to make pancakes. I want topoint out that everything about the
elderberry plant is poisonousexcept the flowers and the ripe berries.
The leaves, seeds, roots, stems, and unripeberries are poisonous.We are going to snip off some of these
flower heads making sure to pick just theones that have flowers on them, with no
berries.Discard any stems or discolored flowers. We only use the fresh white flowers. Simply rubthe flowers off into a bowl, then
rinse with water to clean them.Thanks for watching and I hope this has been helpful!Yummy, thanks mom!

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