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Fluffy pancakes recipe – Make yourself at home with Woolworths

Join Fresh magazine’s Food Director Tamara Graffen as she shares her tips and recipe on how to create the fluffiest pancakes.

Pancakes are perfect for Mother’s Day – or any day of the year! Watch this video to discover the secret to making the best pancakes, plus find out how to make sweet maple and cinnamon apples as a tasty topper.

How to make fluffy pancakes:
Step 1: Sift flour and bicarbonate of soda into a mixing bowl. Stir in sugar, then make a well in the centre. In a large jug, whisk together milk, eggs and vanilla. Pour into well, then stir until smooth. 1:10
Step 2: Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Brush pan with a little butter, then pour ¼ cup batter into pan, carefully spreading to form a 12cm round. Cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles appear. Turn over and cook for 1 minute or until golden and cooked through. Repeat with remaining batter, brushing pan with butter when necessary, to make a total of 12 pancakes. 2:48
Step 3: To make the maple & cinnamon apples, melt butter in a small frying pan over medium heat. Add apple, tossing occasionally, for 5 minutes or until slightly golden. Add cinnamon and maple syrup, and cook for a further 1 minute or until apples are caramelised. Serve immediately with pancakes and extra maple syrup. 5:19

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys I’m Tamera Griffin the fooddirector at Woolworths fresh magazineand so many of us wish that we could seeour mom this Mother’s Day I know I doand she’s interstate but what I’m gonnado instead is give her a video call andwe’re gonna cook breaking and today I’mgoing to show you one of her favoriterecipes and that is the fluffiestpancakes that you’ll want to make allyear round not just for Mother’s Day butfirst washing hands all right so theingredients that you will need for thesepancakes so I’ve got 2 cups ofself-raising flour one-and-a-half cupsof milk I’ve got some melted butter forthe pan later third of a cup of castorsugar maple syrup for topping vanillaextract for the pancake mixture two eggsand a little pinch of backup soda andthen for toppings I’ve got somebeautiful apples that I’m gonna use andI’m gonna put a little pinch of cinnamonwith those and maple syrup so I’ve got abig bowl here and I’m just got a littlefine mesh sieve so what I’m gonna do isjust literally just sift this all in andthen we’ve got 1/4 of a teaspoon of thisbicarb soda this will just give yourpancakes a little bit of an extra liftas well and then we’ve got some castorsugar as well now to get the lightestfluffiest pancakesit is good to sift this mixture twicealright so that is our dry mixture doneso we’re gonna set that asideand then just bring in your milk sowonder half cup and I’ve got two eggs ifyou don’t have eggs just replace thiswith one match banana and don’t forgetyour vanilla I’m using vanilla paste butyou can use extract or essence whateveryou have and then just whisk to combineall right I think I’m done all rightso wet mixture done dry mixture doneit’s time to add the two together youdon’t want to over mix your batter thatis the most important thing I can tellyou about making fluffy pancakes all I’mgonna do is just give it a few few 12round in the bowl with this whisk andreally this should probably take 10 to15 seconds of mixing and then you’repretty much done a few tiles around inthe bowl with this whisk so you can seeI’ve still got a few little lumps inthere but that is totally fine all rightso I’ve been resting for 15 minutes butmore importantly so has the batter sonow it’s time to get cooking so if youwant to come round to the cooktop we’regonna get started so we’re gonna get setup to cook the pancakes but actuallyfirst I’m gonna calm up so let’s see ifshe answers how are you what are youdoingah guess what I’m doing I’m making somepancakes what are you gonna put on yourpancakes berries so it’s a pancake Ohpancake calm all right now we can getcooking I’m gonna show you how to make aperfectfluffy pancake so I’ve just taken thepan off briefly because it was a littlebit too hot it’s key to have really lowheat so greasing the pan with butterwill get you a really nice golden youknow exterior to your pancake we alsodon’t want too much because too muchbutter can burn so I’m just gonna grabsome paper towel and then just give thata little wipe out so first pancake firstpancake is a little bit stressfulbecause they do say in French which Ican’t say but that the first pancake isfor the dog all right so we’ve got thatrested batter and then we’re going toput quarter of a cup of the batter intothe pan at a time so add that into thecenter of the pan if you’ve got a largepan you can cook several at a time andI’m just twisting that Cup just so thatit goes into the pan evenly so we get anice round shape all right so that is inthe pan and you can start to see thatthere’s some little bubbles starting tocome to the surface once bubbles havepopped across the whole surface thenit’s ready to flip that’s when I like tojust have a little peek underneath andjust see if it’s brown yet so it isgetting nice and golden now when we flipdon’t be violent with your spatula we’vejust gone to all this effort to makethese super fluffy so don’t go squashingit down or flipping it from a greatheight so we’re gonna be really gentleso just get that spatula under a littleflip so after you flip it it really onlyneeds like another minute inreally just until the bottom is goldenand then we’re gonna transfer to a plateto keep warmalright so I’ve got some butter in thepan and I’m using apples for my toppingbut you could use whatever you like withwhatever you have at homealthough fathers really ok that’s meltedI’m gonna add the apples and then I’mgonna tell you what are the top of yourticking ad so as I was saying for othertoppings you could you know havecaramelized banana smashed honeycombchocolate raspberries strawberriesblueberries honey maple syrup whateveryou like and whatever you have at homealso I’m gonna add some cinnamon justbecause it goes so great with apple soI’m just gonna add a little sprinkle andwhat we’re looking for is for the applesto get you know a little bit soft butnot too soft and beautiful and golden onthe outside I love this as topping intomy pancakes it’s so simple but sodelicious so I’m just gonna add a littletouch of maple syrup now in the pan withthe apples just in the final minute ofcooking to help it caramelize so just alittle – okay so this is another chanceto practice your flipping skills so weweren’t violent with the pancakes but wecan be with the apples don’t do thatalright so we’ve got our pancakes lookat them they are super fluffy I’m reallyhappy with them and now I’m gonna addthose beautiful caramelized apples ontop so you can see those they just lookdelicious and of course loads of maplesyrup because who doesn’t have pancakeswith maple zeroguys feast your eyes on this superfluffy pancakes really easy to make andjust amazing to make for Mother’s Daywhether you’re celebrating with your momor from afar like I’m going to be thisyearsay hi mums so do you have some Finnishpancakes I they look pretty goodI put apples online Ohyour berries look nice though yeah it’sbeen good happy Mother’s Day[Music]

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