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A good pancake should be fluffy and soft. Watch the video to find out how to make fluffy pancakes.

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome to my channel my
space Chandra today I am here with one
of my favorite breakfast recipes lettuce
pancakes and I’m going to show you how I
make my pancake really very soft and
fluffy so let’s get started in a bowl I
have taken two egg whites and now with a
hand mixer I’m going to beat this until
stiff peaks are formed
this is done now keep this aside now in
a separate Bowl take two egg yolk one
cup of milk
1 tbsp castor sugar
now we are going to give this a good
risk if you have noticed that I have
just put one tablespoon of castor sugar
on my pancake batter because I preferred
it in this way and I’m going to have my
pancake either with a maple syrup hot
chocolate syrup but again you can adjust
the sugar as per your taste now let’s
add the dry ingredients so I have taken
here on one cup of flour 1 teaspoon
baking powder 1/4 teaspoon of salt to
enhance the flavors I’m going to flavor
it up with some cinnamon powder you can
even use vanilla extract whisk
everything together
now we will pull the egg whites into our
batter the air in the egg whites will
make our pancakes very soft and fluffy
so remember not to over mix
our batter is ready so let’s make the
pancakes in a pan add a bit of butter
let the butter melt and then we will add
the pancake batter
we are going to make the pancakes on
batches and we’ll be cooking the
pancakes for a minute or so from both
the sides on medium heat
and our pancakes are ready to be served
I have made it around six pancakes and
I’m going to enjoy these with some yummy
chocolate syrup I hope you have enjoyed
this video do let me know in the
comments section so do subscribe to my
channel and hit the bell icon for
notifications thank you for watching

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