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Video Transcription

I know you guys have asked me a lot oftimes about fluffy pancakes and this iswhat my typical pancakes look like onething I can recommend so I’m just gladjump right into it is you have to have ahot pan I definitely recommend like castiron or you know just like puppy castiron and you just leave the pancakealone just let it rise and you know yourpancakes will come out looking like this[Music]turn them twice I pour them flip it andthen it’s pretty much done I don’t I’mnot sure if it’s cooked all the wayinside but that’s how I do my fluffypancakes guys I try not to do like thatat once but I’m going to show youpouring okay well this is a mix that Imade earlier this morning right herethis is really just Aunt Jemima so let’sseeI don’t make like really big pancakesguys I mean sometimes I do but most thetimes I don’t excuse my stove I havebeen cooking so that’s the still ofsomeone that cooks but yeah so I’m gonnalet that go until we start to see thebubbles form okay when you see thesebubbles start to come up you know yourpancake is cooking and the air pocketsare starting to form because on theother side he it’s cooking okay so itneeds air and the air is coming up soonce you start to see a fair amount ofbubbles you’re going to want to flipyour pancake okay this one clearly isnot ready yet this one is getting readybut I will for demonstration purposesit’s a little close for comfort butthat’s okay so it’s a nice pretty colorand just see how it starts to just risethat also comes from letting yourpancake batter sit and rest a little bitstir it up so if it’s one that you madeearlier or the day before just stir itbring it back alive again let it sit fora little bit and then use it I wouldnever recommend using a batter like theminute that you finish making it justlet it sit for a couple minutes so letme move this one this might be a littletricky is to keep them prettyI know some people like what’s calledlike souffle pancakes or maybe they likethem a little bit raw in the middle Idon’t know if any of you guys who arewatching us like that type of pancake ifyou do let me know I actually kind ofquite as kept do too but I certainlylike them cooked all the way through aswell but I do get a little bit of heighton my pancakes and like I said the mainreason is because I don’t really disruptthem at all I don’t Pat them down Idon’t do any of that I just let them dotheir thing I’ve got the stove just alittle bit above low so probably rightin the middle between low and mediumalso I do think that when you stack themon top of each other they there is someadditional cooking that’s taking placeoff of the pan so I think that if theyare cooked enough the heat between eachpancake is going to kind of do thatfinal bit of cooking and you’ll findyou’re not going to have raw pancakes soI don’t really let that be too much ofworry for me but if that is a worry foryou then do what’s best for your peopleyou’re serving too so I just kind oflook those around a little bit but theseare good I don’t normally do this butI’m just kind of doing this just to showyou that if it’s if you’re seeingthere’s a little bounce back that’scooked okay just like if you’re making acake so see that that was kind of on aangle so it didn’t get amount becauseI’m trying to do this one and that’swhat we’re working with so far okayand let me pour a larger one just toshow you again this is Aunt Jemima andone other thing that I did do is Iprobably used maybe about the equivalentof two or three tablespoons of oil so Iused a little extra oil and for two cupsof mix I also used three eggs and I gotmy batter to[Music]you know not a I have to show you whatyou can see the consistency right hereokay that’s kind of the consistency thatI go for so I do have a video I believewhere I did show me I did show kind oflike the making of a batter but I prettymuch just use Aunt Jemima guys I have[Music]the Kodiak the Kodiak power cakes let meknow they’re high protein pancakes anddepending on how you make them you canmake them with water you can make themwith milk and eggs you can make withmilk and and or eggs whatever so I makethem with milk and eggs I pretty muchfollow like my Aunt Jemima recipe andsometimes I add blueberries things likethat but this right now is into my mouthso anyway you see that this is a muchbigger pancake guys see the bubbles herewe go and as you notice I’m not puttingany butter or oil or anything in the panthis is a well seasoned well used panthat I’ve had for quite some time and itjust makes perfect almost everything Iuse it for so I love it as you can seewe’re getting some height there and weget it I just leave it alonethat’s how I make a lot of things likeState hamburgers whenever I make evenchicken breasts I’ve got a cast irongrill pan I just let the grill pan dothe work and I put my seasoned meat onthere and I just let it cook probablyfour or five minutes that’s four meatschicken things like that let it cook Iflip itlet it cook and if I need to I may flipit one more time so it’s like theinitial placement flip to the other sideif I really feel like it needs it I’llflip it one more time but usually it’skind of like a one flip thing sohmm nice fluffy pancakes guys if youhave any questions about this let meknow if you’d like to see me make mybatter let me know down in the commentsso I hope that you enjoyed this AuntJemima pancake batter fluffy pancaketutorial on actually making yourpancakes let me know if you have anyquestions I’ll see you again in the nextvideo[Music][Applause][Music]you[Music]

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