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First time making pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi guys we’re gonna do pancakes this ismy first time doing pancakes and itlooks so easy so only two seven andeight pancakes a cup in 3/4 of cup ofwater so let’s go ahead and put a cup[Music]and that’s it oh it’s so messy let’s goahead and put this here now let’s gosomewhere warps of cup of work let’s goahead and put it well then let’s goahead mixyeah it feels sweetso now we’re gonna put it here so it’smore easy to see a little bit there’s alot of insight here it is so let’s goput butterso let’s just wait to get some more buta little more so we’re gonna go aheadand grab some chocolate this is going tobe chocolate chip pancakes so my momtold me that it has to make bubbles inthe hassle pop so it has bubbles butthey’re so little and there has to beweight more and they have to pop this isgonna take timeso as more bubbles and we’re gonna flipit over when I ask more is if you can’tdoubt more goals and let’s go ahead andflip itlooks goodso I think it’s time to take it outlet’s go ahead[Music]wait[Music][Music]so let’s just wait so it starts rollingokay guys so I think it’s already goodit’s time to do it looks good actuallysmells goodso okay let’s go ahead and put their[Music][Music]done I’m gonna do some eggs no we’redone with the pancakes so let’s go aheadand do something what’s supposed to putonion on the X what I don’t likehere are scrambled eggs[Music][Music]hi guys this is the breakfast I madepancakes in rainbow egg let’s go aheadand put some tuna in the day and takethem up honey in the pancakes this gonnago change[Music][Music]good and taste is a Pekinhi guys thank you for watching subscribeand heads out goodbye see you next

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