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ep. 4 – make pancakes with me

hi! it’s been a while (again)! 😩

this covid / quarantine situation has affected and still is affecting a LOT of people with all the businesses closing temporarily, flights getting cancelled, hospitals filling up with patients, and such.

it’s also hard for us here in the philippines because of the shortage of the PPEs we need for everyone’s protection like masks, alcohol, etc. especially for our frontliners and those who are more vulnerable to the virus. it’s also extremely hard for everyone to practice social distancing because of the fact that some still need to work and can’t afford to waste each day not earning for their families and that others don’t even have a home to seek shelter in.

im grateful that i’m able to stay in the comfort of our own home with my family and i can only do so much to help out our country. we’re gonna need all the help we can get.

so if you’re interested, im sharing with you this link from Young STAR PH @youngstarphils where you can donate which will go to the respective donation drives here in the philippines. any form of donation, big or small, will be highly appreciated! ← a more comprehensive google docs list of every donation drive (where the donations go, where you can send, etc.)

and if you’ve reached the end of all that, thank you! pls stay safe (and at home if u can) and make sure to always be clean and cautious!

for the mean time, imma be with u and cook sum pancakes while we at home !

love, b. ♡
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Original of the video here

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