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Egg free pancake (can make waffle too) / Cooking Mukbang Vlog

Hi 👋 this time I made pancakes with my son.
You can use this batter for both pancakes or waffles.
I made pancakes because I didn’t have waffle maker but I recommend to make waffle if you have waffle maker.

Have a great meal then 😋
Thank you see you later 👋


🥕 Ingredients
Self rising flour: 1.5 cup
Sugar: 3T (table spoons)
Vanilla extract: 1t (tea spoon)
Melted butter: 3t
Milk: 1 cup
(Optional) Eggs: 2ea

**Note: 1.5 cup of self rising flour is roughly the same as 1.5 cup of plain flour + 2 tea spoons of baking powder + 1/3 tea spoons of salt


🎵Music provided by BGM President
🎵Track : Daily life –


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Original of the video here

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