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Easy Korean Recipe: How to make “Kimchijeon” Korean Pancake

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone this is mrs. song and fortoday I’ll be share with you guys how tomake kimchi Jeon or kimchi pancakeyesterday cuz any question husband gonnago Cydonia and kimchi pancake so you’reshowing a man come a high nation anddinner is a company just want to havesome snack to go at all okay so I justdo this very quick let’s start so firstthings first you have to wash your hands[Music]so I have kimchi here bunaoriginal flavor Korean panting saltcooking oil instant cocoa mechanicaccordance up for measurementso um ratio is 1 1 1 so 1 cup of choppedkimchi one cup of butch in Cairo orgrandpa techniques and 1 cup of waterthe Union are tensions alright so it’s ap.m. alana gillett Oh we’ll be needingthe truce later then one cup water[Applause]they tournament at Angelina tell youoil Naga meeting you Nadine tuna okay[Laughter]here’s the mixture of everythingum kimchi and then water tuna butch inPeru so how do I know nothing[Applause][Music][Music][Music]I’m Jason that person at the new kimchiturn in a locker I’m the trainerOh varam Alison Coquelin panting behindso take my naughty[Music]but Imy advicethank you for watching guys Sanna minatoto nintendo and again JK oh and don’tforget to subscribe my page and hit thebell papa paradigm and might not affectyour kumar in the humbug new video ifyou liked this video give me a thumbs upsee you in the next video and yeah

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