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Easy DIY How To Make Pancakes With Sparkle Whizzaroo!!!

Easy DIY How To Make Pancakes With Sparkle Whizzaroo!!!
whizzaroo kids explore the science of cooking as they learn how to make pancakes in this easy diy!

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Video Transcription

whether it is breakfast time today we’recooking pancakes in this easy DIY ourball look at this cookies batting firststep four cups of flour go into the bowlI’ll pour itcooking is my favorite sciencenext thing you’re handsome software someflavor one teaspoon of salt going inwith a little bit of crunch that’s why Igot again one tablespoon of bakingpowder hey guys your favorite kind ofpancake I love summer raisin let’s makethese cinnamon and raisinI’m adding in a sprinkle of cinnamon anda whole lotta raisin let’s give thesedry ingredients a good stir we batter Xmilk four cups of almond milk going inguys let’s make these pancakes week Iknow how to do that with maple Sara 1/2cup of maple syrup going insweet the little air structures our nextingredient or cheese coming in let’s getthis makes another stirI think this batter needs some coconutoil 1/2 cup of coconut oil going in okayguys only cook lentil say hi mom howyou’re a dope cook the pancakesokay adults I’m going to pour a littlebutter spread it out put the pancake[Music][Music]hey Sparkle where are you getting allfancy for the surpriseRevis breakout in America oh yeah Iforgot that Captain America and Thorwere coming over for breakfast that’sright and I’m gonna go to a walk thanksguys helping me waffle Captain Americais my best friend of course I’ll gowhat should we do first joint firstwe’re going to pour some milk into thebowl make buttermilk you add apple cidervinegar right that’s rightI’ll add it standing buddy Luke alreadyplowed my favorite pies mixing food doyou know it’s yummy and waffles sand anycinnamon now I’m going to pour it in theoats hooks up to hold things togetherwhat’s next guys I think it can use somecoconut oil now that’s what I’m talkingaboutmay I join the vanilla vanilla extractof coursewhat’s cinnamon with that rosy[Music]the waffle mix is readythat’s my I need to cook a sedan and adoor should cook the waters for youArmond murdered the waffle maker intogripped in the Walkman and now we waitwaffles already guys let’s make pancakesart a minute one more let’s give thewaffle eyes one night away those eyesmeet some eyeballs one twoI think he needs a nose perfectwe should give him a raisin smile[Music]beautiful Captain America and Thor aregoing to love it when my awesome videoshit subscribe

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