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Craving for Pancake?|Outdoor Cooking|How to Make the Best Pancake

We as hands-on parents,we do find ways to feed our children in a cost effective approach. Sometimes the trick to getting our kids to eat healthy is to make them cook it themselves. Something about being part of the process can make children that much more interested in trying something new. So break them out of their jam-sandwich-on-white-bread rut and get them in the kitchen with these inventive snack ideas.

Outdoor cooking makes it even more exciting and a great place to learn while bonding with our kids.

Teaching them how to make Pancake is an easy snack idea as we proceed to the advanced level of cooking.

In our previous videos,you can see how we started our journey from beginner (no stove top or oven work required) to advanced (some supervised stove top and oven work required.)

We are happy to share to you our simple way of making homemade pancake using a wok and getting the ingredients out of what is available in the kitchen.

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