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Cooking Week Thursday Toddler Small Group Activity – Baking Pancakes

Heartfelt’s Virtual Lesson Plan – Join Ms. Maddie for a cooking adventure small group today! Today we will be making pancakes! You will need these ingredients flour, an egg, sugar, baking soda, milk, butter, and salt. You will also need a mixing bowl, a pan to cook them in, a spoon, and a spatula. You will follow the recipe and make yummy pancakes! This activity will focus on fine motor and following directions!

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Video Transcription

good morning friends and families todayfor our toddler activity we’re gonna bedoing something really fun we’re gonnamake pancakes now to make pancakes youneed your mom and your dad or an olderadult to help you with this activity butmake sure you let them know you want todo all the mixing of all the pouring sofor this activity I have an ingredientslist and the ingredients are the stuffwe have to add to make the pancakesso our first ingredient is 1 and 1/2 cupof flourthat’s flours looks like this it’s awhite powder and then you’re gonna addit in I’ve already added my flour in asyou can see the white powder next you’regoing to need 3 and 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking powder and a teaspoon is asmaller spoon i–once baking powder isanother white powder like this now I’vealready added that as well into thismixture you’re going to 1 teaspoon ofsalt shaker mines a grinder we grindourselves in this house but you’re gonnaneed you’re gonna need 1 tablespoon ofsugar now sugar is super sweet andpowdery and you’re gonna use one ofthese bigger spoons and then you’regonna need 1 and 1/4 cup of milk nowthat is a bigger spoon and I already putthe milk in as well now what we’re gonnado is we’re gonna mix and mix mix you’regonna mix this all together what colordo you guys think it is do you thinkit’s green you think it’s purple or it’swhite isn’t it now we’re gonna add inour egg you might need help with thisbut we’re gonna cracka over the side and we’re gonna justpoop it in there we’re gonna set ashallow side and then we’re gonna addbutter and we’re gonna use threetablespoons of melted butter we’re justgonna pour that in there and then I’mgonna see you bastard in a minute afterit’s all mixed up and ready to go okayguys so I have my batter all mixed up asyou can see so now you’re gonna needyour mom and dad’s help because thestoves are very hot and if you touch ohyou could get very hurt so you need yourparents help so I have my stove warmingup with my pan and some butter in thepan I’m gonna take my cup we’re going topour it into the pan just like this ourpancake is warming so nicely and thenwe’re gonna wait a little bit and thenwe’re gonna see what it looks likehi guysso we have our pancakes I made a wholebunch of them and then I’m on to my lastone we flip it and we flip it and thenI’m gonna make sure to turn this sowe’re learning numbers mixing materialswe’re using our fine motor skills to mixand doing it and making a deliciousbreakfast so I have all my pancakes youcan put butter you can put fruit on themand you can also mix in chocolate chipstrawberries blueberries any type ofingredient you want into your cakes andmake sure you take lots of pictureswhile doing this and we look forward toseeing your pictures and I hope you guyshave a great day

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