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Cooking pancakes with the kids

Oat & flax vegan pancakes with berry compote

There are lots of vegan pancake recipes available out there so I thought I’d share something a little different and give you an insight into a pancake breakfast session in our house with two children “helping” out!

We have pancakes one day most weeks and usually just throw something together! A bit more flour, a bit more milk, a few seeds here, a banana there, adjusting as we go to get to the consistency we fancy. Then the cooking and flipping commences and whoever shouts loudest gets the next batch out the pan!

But here is a recipe for you to follow to help you get started on your own “trial and error” pancakes. Not just for pancake day!

INGREDIENTS | 4 servings (about 12-16 pancakes)

2 cups oats
1 1/2 cups plant milk
2 tbsp ground flax seed
1 tbsp softened coconut oil plus extra for cooking
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp syrup

Berry compote: 150g frozen mixed berries – defrosted in a pan then simmered for around 10 mins and gently squashed

To serve: Berry compote, Yoghurt, Maple syrup, Nut butter


1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

2. Heat a non-stick pan on a fairly high heat and add coconut oil to coat the pan. Add a spoon of the batter and flatten down into a circle with the back of the spoon. You may be able to fit 2-3 in the pan at one time.

3. Cook for 3-4 mins until golden on one side then flip and repeat on the other side. Place on a plate in a pre-heated oven at around 60C to keep warm if you’re not serving immediately.

Store any leftover pancakes in the fridge – they’ll keep for around 5 days and can be re-heated or eaten cold with jam or nut butter.

Check out Veggie Superpowers on Instagram for more healthy family-friendly food inspiration.

Original of the video here

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