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Cooking Pancakes over a Campfire – Cabin Cooking Ep. 1

In this video we decided to try to cook some Bisquick pancakes!
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Video Transcription

[Music]we go have a card on a tripod well lookthat’s fine you just doused myself insmoke oh I don’t do much help I justkind of hop and yell insultswhere’s the maple steer up there allright should we make an intro yeahpush it an anchovy hello and welcome towhat was our name againhaving cookie oven cooking having cookiegonna hop in a half choke a good joball right we are making districtpancakes and have no experience at allall right using like inmate spatula yeahplease 2 cups of original Bisquick[Applause]all right I don’t think it was meant tobe opened like that got ashes havecharcoal pancakes perfect nitrogen Iattend we’re gonna Bernie’s problemhow are you supposed to stick this inhere maybe pour it into itI’ll hold the pepper the bowl and youpour into the tubokay that’s about one top we need two ofthese do all right here we go all rightyes we need to one cup of milk which isin the butter it’s already much I camepreparedall right and eggswhat some wild animal for you yeah weget a nice snaps of eggshells probablylike Luna Aries for the neighborschickenwe mix it what do you wanna mix it witha little spoon a spatula I probablywon’t be using this spoons yeah becausewe’ll just be using like nice it worksit gets it yeah get close up shot ofmixing it’s a great shot turned on 10super easy to mix WowI should actually probably actually readthe instructionsstarry dance until blendedporo slightly less than one for couplesin the hospital took until the edges aredry turn cook until golden why is this ahigh altitude 3 500 to 650 feet nochange because at different altitudes asdifferent pressures in the airand it can affect how things boil andcook everything I don’t know why theysay that I guess put people camping yeahokay you make waffles out of it tooI know does that look stir sure canisterit’s hard without like a mixer next I’vetried to get as many clumps out aspossible focus there we goall right so do we oh right you seebrotheroh I said my eyes are watering I don’tknow what I say when I make my funnynoises Oh what was a big thing there wowthis eat it up fast yeahI guess before it with this yeah I guessthat makes sensejust eyeball a quarter whatever we canmake big pancakes we make small pancakesdon’t matter their pancake now we waitso the pancake cooks yes while we waitwe can admire my craftsmanship now thatjust made it yesterdaybrand-spanking-new spatula he’s standingin the smoker down the tree it’s sosqueakythe way I didn’t find the wind is likeall above us yeah I kind of protect itdown here in the woods yeahwhy smoke I swear it follows me do youwant to do the flipping sure you havemore experience flipping I’m not surewhen you’re supposed to flip it yeah Idon’t know maybe it says cook untiledges are dry turn cook until goldenwell so when the edges are dry are youdry edges yeah I think the edges are onesides took more than the other art yeahbecause it’s unevenly over the heat Iwould say probably flip it as best youcanoh this nope alright there’s time forthe fourth in the flipping was itflipping tragedy we know what we’redoingno I’m just gonna get rid of it it’s notworkingI’m just save what we can mmmokay I mean we did cook it pretty wellit’s not togetherwe got a we’re gonna just manage to getit more evenly on the heat next timeyeah because the presence of that logyeah was preventing it from really yeaheating eatingwell well it burned right yeah it’s notvery prettythat’s it well we got a pancake yes dowe need it for butteryeah but we don’t have hardly any butterso good whatever mmm try this againthere’s a pancakeit’s pancake here you flip it over itlooks prettier on the other side okaypancakeOh hug to my face I got a little butterin the pan you can’t really see me backhere you tried to get the live cameraangleI think I got it hey I got it okayhave a buttery pain right buttery pan ormaybe just don’t cook it for his longyeah babythe one the one part of it was whatcaused it to be problematic yeah stepbut part of it was liquid and the restof it it yeah but so it needs to needsto sit kind of leveloh that’s cooked part of it way fasterthan the rest of it of course of courseit kind of smells birch yeah yeah Istill maybe only the edges of hurt no noit’s not too bad not too bad it’s nottoo much we’ve done a better job on theshape of it that’s a previous oneit’s just burnt he’s just burnt cuz wedidn’t bring much butter yeah we knowwhat we’re doingtotally I think it’s just the problemswe’re cooking it too long yeah it’s hardto cook it too long cuz he needs all dryrun edges but maybe just like wondersupport and just like deal withconsequences are not good shape I feellike it’s not the way to do art[Music]all right more powder another pink yesyesmouch the come in Melton okay we havenow building butter no I got more ash inthat yeah okaymost of the pig takes return by makingit small or maybe that’ll help okay sortof smaller it’s spread out to the helpbut it’s like when you’re cookingpopcorn and you shake it all right weshould do popcorn like your top leghurtsoh yeah we should I did get into thatthing and you rusted yeah it can quatrest well that’s not even cooked enoughhi guys wait for the wind such directiongoodness singing a lot longer now yeahit is against the fire might be dyingthough or cuz you’re moving it so it’smore even heat oh yeah alright pancakeOh him but he just stopped my thangoh my zoomin did not work ten out of tenpancake it’s beautiful Wowhopefully the other side doesn’t getBirds hopefully yeah well how’s theother side not that badyou’re definitely improved we aregetting better at thisI can’t save myself a diamond frame ornot I feel like my head might be choppedoff for the whole trying to get the fireand all this and frame you shrink youreally win yeah this is true I alreadykind of run that riskokay buttered okayyeah butter better oh I think I’m wasbeheaded his jokes are not gonna work ifI like put the footage into my computerand see that I wasn’t like and in thewhole timeoh wow perfect we’re getting so good atthis yes you are I’m not doing the onefood put my we should switch ityeah this next next solution the Frenchdon’t some variety into this into it Igot full he me in my headall right switch slots yep[Music]I definitely win with butter doesn’teven cover itthere we go that’s working a bit betterit’s not left-handed bad it’s a lotbetter in my first ball but um it’s kindof a mess but you know it’s not terribleso we built luck should we just likemake this next one into a cake in thepot sounds goodsee I’m gonna pour all this batterygonna pop see if we can cut the old waythrough just kind of put all the butterin yeah look at that lovely nice but wegot it done a beautiful stack ofbeautiful stack of pancakes oh now we’remaking a actually no it’s a giant it’s athick pancake pancake here just pour itall you know oh now wait I can see allright that’s good oh all right I’m justgonna put it down here good ideaall right there we go thick pancakewe’re gonna cook this over here whereit’s like not burning as much oh my eyesare watering so much oh the joys ofcooking over fire its but it’s justthankful it is I will eventually gethere we have thick pancake some thinpancakes and we still have batter lefthmm and getting totally waft it’ssmoking my eyes are watering like crazyyou think butter of the pancakes now allright it’s good to be a tiny apparentlyit’s a baby pancake oh yeah gotta havefun there’s always one with everypancake huhyeah you never measure it exactlyokayoh my god like pretty much anotherfull-size pancake yeah taste testyep yeah it’s like a mystic pancake thatis a slightly burnt surprise surprisemaple syrup which is much different thanI’m used to tasting but not going to bedisappointed every time I eat normalSierra I feel goodthat’s probably sober on the bottom yeahprobably it’s gotta be but we got to getit to cook through so it kinda has toit’s super left this tunnel liquid initself but it’s starting to become asolid just scramble it like a scrambledegg that’s baking like a cake it’s notthat I’m gonna leaveit’s going to be scramble scramblepancakes that’s that’s that’s I should Ijust put these scraps over the edge so Ican handleknowing any bears are coming right nowso and if they did we have a nice cabinto keep you safe yeah totally can’tcrawl through the window or anythingaxes galore I gotta had a lid oh Ishould put the lid on and we’ve been agood idea yeah these people that heat inI’ll put it on now but it’s kind of likethat oh man someday I’ll learnI was struggling and you were just likepop it open yeah I’m kind of like usedto the amount of force they used tostick it on so I know exactly how muchit is to take it offthat was a little smokey still but yeahthat’ll die out much faster oh I justdanced on it with my rubber boots that was horrible looking pancakeit looks like scrambled eggs yeah youcould probably convince someone thoserags probably it’s not high praise thewhite cake looks good thoughit looks good in the fact if you thinkof it as eggs alright yeah sure I wasn’teven pointing the camera at it was justlike pointing at a bathtub okay theresyrupy disgustingwell you can taste it it’s burntyeah it doesn’t taste goodor looks like pancake brains hmm zombieyeahyou know you can eat I’m not hungryenough for thatgoodbye nasty pot cake very welloh you can’t see how various look at thetop of the pot cake oh wait oh yeah thatnasty all rightout ofseven out of ten say like sex cuz of thebrightness yeah well yeah I like birthfoods yeahexperience and experience was it’s veryhigh not a bad turnout spirit Uyghurthought yeah ten attention alright thankyou for watching this video make sure tolike comment share and subscribe andwe’re hoping to get something out likethis out weekly hoping looks like theweather is pouring down rain orsomething so do knit next time

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