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Video Transcription

all right we’re live we’re live here inHawaii cooking pancakes I’m going livebecause I usually do this on Saturdaysand I know it’s sometime I think it’slike 6:00 p.m. what I mean 10 p.m. backwhere I live so I’m gonna try and getthis to work cool all right dang manthat’s hotthat’s wait till we get some people herebuild the crown let’s build that crowdguys one pancake down on YouTubelivestream what you doing on a Saturdaynight I’m cooking pancakes enter whatI’m both on they time for me that’s theweird thingand see if YouTube sends out thatnotification I doubt it will but we’llsee we’ll see how good YouTube does doesits thing there we go I’ve been hanginghere for like two minutes what’s upGunny I figured I’d hop on do a littlequick streamManekshaw might be horrible I don’t evenknow what a connections like in this inthis hotel area soit might be real badno worries it’s all goodthis was really random I wasn’t exactlyplanning on doing this I just neededsome time to chill oh boyI just needed like some chill timebecause we were doing a lot today wesnorkel with with a bunch of fish we’vegot a bunch of cool foods and now I justneed some chill time so if you’re gonnahop on do a really really fast dream seeif anybody was still awake back in theStates9:16 a little bit of laundry maybe thisshirt I don’t know if you have the othercameraso yeah this is gonna be a pretty boringlivestream I’m not gonna really be doingmuch I just want to hop on say hi whichI microwave on Twitch for a hot secondjust so I can do thathey art ins here – thanks for stoppingover in the middle of Cod guys Iappreciate it where the what it’s in ourbag that we brought with us today nowI’m cooking pancakes if you want apancake let me know back at home it issnowing out we’re supposed to get six toseven inches of snow back where I liveright and it’s like 80 degrees I’msitting here with shorts and a t-shirt[Applause]can I have some please of course youcan’t aren’t anything for my modsanything one day I want to fly everyoneout to a tropical place and just youknow we can all have pancakes togetheryou have you have potatoes very nicevery niceyour parents to bring you some foodhey you can do door – door – we’ll bringus some foodwhich they do have the year in Hawaiithat was surprising to learn I didn’tthink they actually had door – monkey dothey can bring you you know somecoconuts other thingsmissing I also I’m gonna show the screenreal quick cook it up I’m chef Chriscooking up some pancakes man am i live ijust clicked I just clicked the button ahome button I think he’s shut off for asecond all rightwho thought Ben Arden I are we thoughtDolphins today it was really cool wewatch a sunrise we watch the sunrise wesaw this really creepy fish that almostlikeyou know we did for real though it was abig sandwichum no right now I mean these pants butI’m wearing the pants so no I’m goodwith these I’ll just keep wearing themuh potentially stingrays are part of theshark family I did not know that we sawwhale though I saw it like this giantlike whales and dolphins literally thewhale jumped out the water and just likemade a huge splash in the ocean and Iwas sitting on the beach and I just sawthis thing jump out the of the ocean andit was just hmm yeah what whattemperature is it where you guys liveI’m guessing Gunny it’s like the same aswhere I was living or where I live andlike it was negative five the other dayjust like yesterday it was negative fivedegreesI might hop on twitch for a really hotsecond just so I can get some time ohdid my video upload today I uploadedsome video about the modern warfarecompetition and I scheduled it I filmedit and I scheduled it to upload today 37degrees 12 degrees 54 54 lucky you yesit’s uh okay good because I wasn’t sureif it was upI really haven’t checked my phone allthat much you can probably hear that nowsee if we’re doing our good no it’s fineit’s it’s no worse than the gas leak athome and put the phone inside a cupboardcuz uh there’s no other place to put itokayokay there huh[Music]anyway that’s our life right now I don’treally have much else to say I justwanted to say hi to everybody for realgive me 20 bucksgive me 20 bucks and I will try and I’llhave to go the orthodontist and spend alot more than $20 I guess it does looklike a chicken nugget this is a birdchicken nugget though this is like theone that you leave in the oven it’s likewhen you put pizza rolls in there andit’s a forget about it I’ll show you onemore thing I’ll show you guys one morething before I gookay all right before I go I’ll give youa little room tour real fast real fastall right so let me start the door wewelcome you guys into Maya a place herewe go yeah I’m not gonna show that roomalright see walk in here oh it’s wavyright you come through let me flip theswitch here we go I’ll give you a X yeahyeah yeah there we golong room bedroom washer and dryerkitchen dishwasher stove pancakes holduppant pancakesthere’s a bedroom down there somewhereokay over here living room TV couch thisis what they call in Hawaii a lanai andout here is the view not the TV show butthis is the view yeah whoo and the oceanis literally right over there we went wewent all out with this one okay wewanted to do something we wanted to dosomething oh just sorry something niceand so we did that it’s been a good timelook it I could literally do it justlisten to this though does this notsound like oh it’s like one of thoseYouTube videos nature sounds and I’lljust hold it by the trees oh manyou know how long I’ve waited so just bein this atmosphere with these trees youguys hey hey that’s what it’s that’swhat it is everyone just listen closethis tree though looks like it’s aboutto fall down or something this one’slike that’s all out of proportion how inthe world does a palm tree even do thisthe heck is thatno man anyways oh that’s that what’sthisthen it’s your starter Pokemon okaythat’s that grab the pancake know thebake I forgot the pancake that’s hardI’ll eat that oneI guess I’m eating that one kills notneed that one and with that I think Ineed a focus on cooking thank you yeahI’m gonna get back to it I would Tommytell me what’s up how are youI forgot that uh I just I just saw youpop in poor pancake oh manlook I was I was trying to do somethingnice for you give you a little room tourand I burnt my food every time I cookfood that happens is that is that nottrue ribs pizza rolls pancakesOh what’s up I forgot notifications noword no worries I’m glad you stillstopped by what’s going on shadow it’slike 80 degrees here I’m chilling I’mchilling but I’m hotyeah okay I’m gonna take off you guysthis has been a good livestream I’ve hadfun I hope you enjoyed it this is whereI’m at dude like I took some videos andsome like vlog footage that I was gonnapost on our other quote unquotesecret channel it’s not really excitingvlog footage but if you guys would wantto see it I would post it it’s kind oflike daily vlogs or just vacation vlogsit’s really not crazy exciting Jake Paullike stuff but it is content and I canpost it so it’s not really my normalusual content it is it’s gonna be quitedifferent so but hey who knows maybethat’ll help the advert algorithmlegally you can post thank you serverlawyer thank you I need to know myrightsHey okay I will maybe I’ll post it maybeI willalright guys I’m gonna take off thanksfor dropping in I hope you guys getsomething good into killstreaks have agood time playing Martin warfare we’regonna get back to the beachand we will see you guys did youwhich what are you eatingdid you eat the one on the what’s wrongthere was one that I burnt a little bityeah that’s fineit’s all apart but it’s so good I wasgonna eat that one cuz I heard that onewhoops yeah I didn’t I was good wedidn’t leave you the good ones and I wasgonna take the bad oneyeah I showed them they really like thatalright guys thanks for jumping in getback to that card and we’ll see you guysnext time I don’t know I don’t know ifI’ll do another one of these but I’llsee you soon take care

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