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Cooking in a bikini!! pancakes.

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Make it your self, here are the ingredients!
Coconut flower-
Almond butter-
Baking soda
raw honey

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Christy right here orwelcome to my channel I am going to beshowing you guys how to make theyummiest light fluffy pancakes you’veprobably ever tasted in your life so theingredients that you’re going to need isyour gonna need some organic coconutflour these are paleo they’re glutenfree and there are no animal productshere so you’re gonna need some organiccoconut flour you’re gonna need somebaking soda okay so make sure and areMachamer the fresh box baking you’regonna need some unsweetened vanillaalmond milk you’re gonna need some oneof your favorite nut butters you can doalmond butter I like this thatall-natural chunky peanut butter or likelittle chunks inside you’re gonna needone whole banana some organicblueberries or wild organic blueberriessome raw honey bowls and four eggs solet’s get started alright guys so thefirst thing you guys are gonna need is1/2 a tablespoon of smash that likebutton and it’s actually gonna be half atablespoon of baking soda so I have my 1tablespoon here I’m gonna just pour halfof that just a little too much this isactually also a deodorizerdoing that there’s so many uses forArmand Hammer so anyways we’re gonnathrow that in there so the secondreading you’re going to need is half acup of the organic coconut flour andthese are delicious by the way this is alittle more than half let’s throw alittle bit backthrow that anymore and then you’re goingto whisk this together then you’re goingto need onelong medium actually medium not too hardsoft banana it’s got to be right[Music]all[Music]you don’t have to touch the garbagethat’s awesome okay so now that you havethe banana you’re gonna have to mash thebanana up so we’re gonna mash it so itcan’t be too bright because you reallyreally want this very very mushy andmashed so good next you’re gonna needfour eggs okay so now you want to whipthese but you don’t want to whip themtoo much just lightly with them justbreak the yolks and mix in with thewhites a little bit so remember I saidget your favorite nut butter but thealmond butter could be sunflower butterwhich is the thing by the way it’sdelicious if someone has nut allergiesthat one is safe but I’m gonna do thecrunchy all-natural peanut butter so I’mgonna be taking four tablespoons of thisand I’m gonna be adding that into thislittle jar up over here and I got ahandy dandy little spoon over there thatI might have to grabI don’t really want all that oil inthere natural peanut butter the oil sitsat the topyou’re supposed to stir it call in it’sgonna be so delicious these are lightfluffy delicious healthy pancakesthey are guess I I guess they’reprobably they’re not vegan they’revegetarian because of the eggs butthey’re paleo so they’re gluten-freegrain free dairy free and that was fourokay so we got the four of those nowwe’re going to need a half a cup of thisunsweetened vanilla almond milk right inthere shake it up so a pack up one halfright there and then we’re gonna alsoneed one tablespoon of honey okay sothis israw natural honey so yummy so muchsweetness and then we’re gonna put allof these ingredients and with thebananas we’re gonna mix the flour andlast then you’re gonna mix all theingredients I’ve just thrown and pouredin the eggs as well as the milk and nowI’m gonna put the peanut butter and thehoney in and then we’re going to whiskthis all together so you’re gonna whiskall of these ingredients together andonce these are whisked in then you’regoing to add in your flour and yourbaking soda mix montaj time so nowyou’re gonna mix in your flourso if it’s not if it’s not thick enoughyou can add just a tad bit more flourlike teaspoon in if it’s too thick andit’s not it’s like paste like thenyou’re just going to teaspoon in oneteaspoon at a time of the unsweetenedalmond almond milk and now we’re readyto be turn this on I’m just trying toget on high just so that it gets alittle hot but I’m gonna turn that downon my stove between two and four I’mgonna grab a 1/3 cup of the pancake mixand I’m going to then put it on the pancook it for about two minutes and thenflip and you have the most deliciouspancakes[Music]and now we wait but I would bleep it sothese are what the final product isgonna be and then you can add a garnishof some toasted coconut flakes or somelittle coconut flakes with some maplesyrup or honey as your syrup and I haveadded some blueberries and I’m going tobe adding it some blueberries are roundand the pancakesdelicious oh my god oh my god alright Ihope you guys like this blog and bemaking pancakes in a bikini I love youguys try this recipe I promise it willnot disappoint youand I’ll see you guys next time

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  3. Christina Stewart hope you are not scared right now of coronavirus but if you are just pray and just enjoy yourself

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  5. Hello Christina, you look so beautiful & gorgeous with that orange bikini outfit, & of course it’s nice watching you cook some really lovely pancakes, im ever so proud of your cooking skills & they turned out tremendously well too so a definite thumps up for me, you have a fantastic personality & a excellent sense of humour, it’s been a real pleasure by subscribing your channel & im very thankful for that too but most importantly i do hope you stay safe & please do take real good care of yourself, Your The Best Girl Ever Christina!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  6. ❤ Christina , you always look beautiful and sexy. Even in the kitchen stay pretty and safe ❤ ❤

  7. Christina, I would love to have a pancake made by you! It must be delicious! XOXO of your fan from Brazil.

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