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Hey Aza Army…
We back @you with another one today Ashanti and I made flourless pancakes.

Hope you enjoy this video

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Video Transcription

[Music]the armywelcome back to my channel and I’m herewith another video so stay on me takesomething of this motherwell it’s extended so we don’t know okayanyways today we’re going to be makingpancakes because someone is they need tomake pancakes with much quicklyespecially anyway so yeah I’m going tobe two types of pancakes today cuz I’mI’m feeling I’m feeling fancy and oneexperiment so we’ll be making flowerbase pancakes I’m gonna make a flourlessso I get you have our ingredients is thesalt and the baking powder and theForgotten are my sister add that but yetand then we’re gonna have two eggs andI’ll today’s gonna have one cup of flourand wanting my mother uses milk andy’all been both they’re gonna mix all ofthe dry ingredients and as well as withall the vegetarians in separatecontainers or bowls whatever please andthen me then I start adding smellquestions of the whipped ingredientsinto the dry ingredients you knowpossible question and as you do it allat once and it works for you that’s okaytoo you knowdo you boo boo that I’m gonna do thatand so it pays no more weighty feelingsand everything is mixed together and youhave a smooth pancake batter that’s whatyou know I mean[Music][Music]so for the flourless pancakes you’regonna need one banana I advise that yougo for a ripe one than the one we chosebecause it took a lot of work to get thebetter to be smooth and then gonna needtwo eggs and then you’re gonna eitheruse a is it a blend Opie Taylor needs apizza and you’re gonna use a fork if youwant to and I’m gonna mix it togethermake sure the batter is smooth at theend and then there you have it okay sowhen it comes to frying I normallyalready have my plate my stove platepreheated so I just pour in the oil makesure it gets heated up and then I pullout the excess oil because you don’twant your pancake to beast domaincreased then after I take another scoopof the pancake batter and I make acircular formation with the pan so nothe batter spreads around and give ittwo minutes you flip it around to meetthe name is readyokay important tip because flourlesspancakes are egg based you need more oilin your pan then you do when you madethe you know No


  1. 보기도 좋은 떡이 맛이있다고.. 기왕이면 다음엔 예쁘게 해서 드셔보세요~더 맛있을껄요^^

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