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Cook with me – Banana & oat pancakes

Welcome to my second Cook with me video.
Here’s the link to the WW Banana & Oat Pancake recipe –
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Feedback welcome!
With best wishes
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Video Transcription

good morning if you’ve not met me beforemy name is Lisa Lisa French I’m ahypnotherapist I teach people to usehypnosis and self-hypnosis a shortcut torelaxation and actually I’m also whatcould be considered a well-being coach Iwork part time in office usually incentral London but during this currentlockdown like pretty much everybody elseit has the office role I’m working fromhome there’s a lot of people that areout there on the front line just spoketo thank them so much for all thatthey’re doing and I mean it’s well it’sit’s tight yeah well no when you talkabout that it’s new but yeah there arepeople that are just total heroes outthere right so today what I’m going todo is I’m going to be making a WeightWatchers recipe and it’s banana and oatpancakes breakfast recipe as I say and Idon’t know if you watched my first cookalong with me video for the Lou Macariagain a Weight Watchers recipeit was my very first cooking with mevideo that I did and it was actually anhour long thing if you sat through andwatch that thank you very much thanksfor the feedback that I have received tosay I’ve learnt from that as we doeverything that we do in life and sotoday I have got the ingredients readyso it will be interesting to see howlong this video tanks oh no no nopancakes on the Weight Watchers blueplan they are five points if that’s ofinterest to you and this is somethingwhich I usually make about once a week Ireally like them they’re quite kind ofthick yeah they’re kind of filling in anice way without being too filling andthey going you don’tfind yourself craving wife I don’t findmyself craving sweet things after I’vehad these in the morning so okay so whatI do is our meetings quite regularly andwhat I did is I made this little cardhere with a reminder of the ingredientsI like colored pens particulars andthings like that and you can see I’vedrawn a little banana cause I’ve neverknown a sticker yes so with theingredients what you do actually let mejust tell you what equipment you need sosaucepan weighing scales I use a knifethe ingredients I’ve got here already soI’m just going to and to lower that downso you can see they’re all here actuallywhat I’ll do is I’ll put a picture in ofthe ingredients and I’ll list them inthe description below so the idea ofthese videos is cook along with me okayso first thing that I do is I could havea bit of oil into the frying pan and I’mjust going to change your view a littlebit so that you can see theit wait what recipes they talk about thekind of fry light I think it’s calledthat you spray I although I reallyenjoyed their recipes I’m not taking ornot wait would you sing eating planmyself at the moment so I would justtend to pop a little bit of oil doingthis would increase the points okay sothat’s that and then the otheringredients I put together actually I’vegot the wrong thing out of it neither isslightly larger one say what I do thisgame’s first ingredient skimmed milk 80milk which is equivalent to about 80grams so to save extra washing up extraequipment anyway let’s just play on thestairs it’s that just pop it back in thefridge because it is quite a long day ohyou didn’t get to see the pom-poms todayon the fridge door did younevermind maybe next time so that’sthere’s the milk the next thing thatgoes in is one egg so I like it straightinto that and then put the egg shellinto the food Reese I mean you’d wastebin to start with eggsI was washed my hands after I touchedRoysay that’s fat say next thing the donordate pancakes by Donna hey you know abanana and go in I just break yourself alittle bit sorry Jamesthings away so the next thing I’m goingto put in is baking powder baking powdertoday the little thing matches myt-shirt and my hair scrunchie I want asmuch as on my wristeven if I’ve already got wanted my buttanyway I think they’re quite pretty andI like them right so this is the veryend with this actually is teaspoonsabout 5 grams so you could persuade butI see you tend to use I think that isabout 5 grams left in there that’sstraight in mm-hmm all thenon-perishable ingredients things thatlast for quite a long time I always keepa spare one in my cupboard I’ve alwaysdone that and during the lockdown wellI’m so grateful that I have done thatsay and the he’s actually last birth forquite a while but say we meet once Istopped getting even just about aquarter way downI’ll probably get another one to saythat I’ve got it there I mean so in factthat the next ingredient is vanillaessence and that’s half teaspoon and soI have got a half a teaspoon one ofthese but stable in the washing-up Ijust use this one and kind of estimatewe just feel it’s kind of calm off forweeks I think it’s pretty cool so backto guys it’s they’re straining that willshe not fallthese ones what some reason the tripodsnot quite as stable today as it was whenI was doing carry don’t want you to endup on the floorlet me just lift that up a little bitokay all right this is where I keep mykind of some of the baking things sococoa ground cinnamon ground ginger thatkind of thing so the baking powder andthere got a spare vanilla essence aswellso doesn’t say what you’re gratefuldoing this time so I think we have goteverything that we need now in here theway that I mix these up it’s actually Itreated myself to something this is whenI very first joined Weight Watchers andI’ve always wanted one of thingsbasically if a hand blender is a bamaone and use various differentattachments that go on the end this isthe chopping one that would be usingtoday and they are I think they areamazing the the kind of engine theworking bit in here is extremelypowerful it works really really quicklyand made in Switzerland and I mean youcan buy a hand blender as you probablyknow from well I mean I sawas though with a friend when I went tostay with her we made these and shedidn’t have one of these that we webought one so we can make pancakes andit was literally about 6 pounds this Ithink was 200 pounds so quite aninvestment but it is amazing and it isjust so easy to use once you’ve finishedusing it you just rinse it under the tapand it’s so powerful so I’ve used itpretty much every day I’d wanted one fora while because it wasn’t doing muchcooking before I couldn’t really justifybuying but so once I started on theWeight Watchers and began doing somecooking pretty quickly bought this fromLakeland so this is what I’m going touse to mix everything so I’m going todon’t know by assessing so I tend tojust kind of mix it up a little bit butbasically with this it’s gonna be alittle bit noisy nowI mean that is pretty mixed already itis totally amazing I tend to do it for alittle bit longer to put it a little bitso that is all mix which is prettyamazing and stay with it all you need Dit’s importantly you don’t kind of bangit on this the side is it’s yeah damagenew meaning to the workings of it soit’s a little bit of patience while thattrips down and actually what I’m goingto do because I’ve got you with me I’mjust going to mean it is amazing it doesconvince me so I’m sorry that you can’tsee what I’m doing that’s a joy you’reseeing real life rather than kind ofscripted the perfect kind of editedvideo things so now we have this readyto make the pancakes what I would saythat in the recipes it suggests issuggests leaving it for about five tenminutes for the liquid to soak into theoats you’ll be pleased to know but fortoday I’m not going to do that I’m goingto use it straight away sometimes I dosometimes I leave it dependinghow I am for time it is slightly betterif you leave it because it just thetexture just comes together a slightlybetter but really they’re still verytasty if you don’t say got me a boil inalways like to kind of get race I’ve gotmy water on the table and I’ve got myplate I like to eat them with a spoonand a fork and the other thing that Ihave with it I have fruit plain yogurtand in the recipe is agave syrup if youhaven’t come across this before this isa plant-based sweetener and it so it’svery natural alternative to sugar forcooking and baking and another therecipes Weight Watchers have this thingso bad and so I’ve got and also a bit ofmango left which was in my odd book thisweek I’m so grateful I’ve got that withthe way things are at the moment becauseit’s being vegetables and fruit thataren’t suitable for the supermarketsbecause of the shape the size maybe theymight have got bit more pain on theoutside the fruit will make a desktoplet’s say vegetables that would go towaste otherwise and so you’re rescuingfruit and vegetables andI’ve been particularly for thatyes back service these last few weeks[Music]with this I just pour them straight inso I actually this is absolutely fineeven though I haven’t left it waitingit’s perfect actually the ingredientpoints tips that I’ve use the recipe oforiginal recipes with four people orfour portions and so I make half thatquantity which would make two portionsbut actually I find that I get three outof it so three breakfasts same becauseit’s five points but portion fourportions so the ho SP would be twentypoints so cutting that in half it wouldbe ten points so because I have it bythreethat’s three in a bit points so a bit ofmaths for you and what happens is thatquite a few air bubbles come to thesurface so you know that it’s startingto to cook yeah there’s a live effectone of the reasons I like these actuallybecause it’s got a bit of a cape liketextureso just leave that I say once it’s doneon that side basically turn later what’shappening quite a lot more prepared whenI was four my curry recipe and you geteverything else but I can see these arereally busy now so they’ve got some airbubbles in them you can see thatbasically these used to be called an eggslicer than a festival and they’re justliterally it’s absolutely fine but it’smore than I would do usually that’sbecause I was sorting out my goat sothere we are you can see them how youdoing anyway are you finding this timeour lives have changed overnight[Music]from that perspective hate me watchingsome of my videos bring a bit ofentertainment and lightnessyou know why I’m enjoy making themanyway so it’s helping you right sothat’s that okay right stay what’s theother now cook from the other side I popthem out onto here calling back I meanit’s it’s not the furnace up she’s justokay pop a little bit more oil time it’sjust turn this down very slightlybecause I’m wondering if perhaps I’mjust a little bit more than usualsay againand I think like a clock face what at 12o’clock one X where we have quote whatit takessometimes I get well that’s I don’t overcook the pancakes whilst I’m doing thatadditional term I find that some ofthese so that’s the other side bit moretime this t2pal slightly large of anaverage it’s quite an interesting one itwas a gift from somebody who went toItalyand it’s got all the different shapes ofpasta and where they’re from in ItalyI’m telling you want a different shapeso that’s rather nice is it rightactually I think this is done actuallysay what I did is I picked three of thepancakes[Music]so I put those in the idea okay okayright alreadyso here my pancakesmy fruit and my my-y okay I’m going toenjoy my breakfast now thank you verymuch for watching my video today if youlike this video do please click thethumbs up below and if you cook alongwith me and make these pancakes I’d loveit if you comment in the box below andlet me knowyou know thanks for watching bye for now

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