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chill vlog 001 :: watching anime, making pancakes, starting an anime wall | my first video

Open me! | (• ◡•)|

Hi you! 🍱

So this is the first vlog that I’ve ever filmed in my whole life. I live in Venezuela, my language is Spanish, but I’m trying mi best doing all this project in English so that way I can be able to practice the idiom, and also I feel it looks more aesthetic (if you find some mistakes in my sentences you’re able to tell my in the comments section down below). I decided to make this now ’cause last year was a total mess for me and my family, and I think this can help me to restart my life, and also is very fun and I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

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Wattpad (If you can understand Spanish) ::
+User name: @itsvictoriaby
Pinterest board (there are all the pictures that I use in this and in future videos) ::
+User name :: @itsvictoriabyyy

🥑 |Music ::

Pancake :: prod. by Lukrembo
Kitchen :: prod. by Lukrembo
Biscuit :: prod. by Lukrembo

(He is such an amazing artist)

Inspired by Iwazumin 🍤

Original of the video here

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