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Baking Pancakes with Tourette’s & Absent Seizures

hiiii i know i’m sorry i’m rubbish at uploading to youtube, I have some really amazing stuff going on behind the scenes that i can’t tell you yet, but it’ll be worth the wait i promise!💕

so while baking i started getting a pain in my head on one side by my left eye, which is often a warning sign for a seizure. literally 20 seconds after complaining of the pain i had the first absent seizure and started feeling really far away and my vision was a bit funny. i was alright though so i carried on, but just began feeling weirder and weirder. i haven’t shown my absent seizures much on youtube and i was really nervous to leave them in, but my whole account is tourettes awareness and the seizures are a part of me too.

what is an absent seizure❓
an absent seizure caused you to blank out or state into space for a few seconds. it’s often confused for day dreaming, but during day dreaming we are fully conscious, during an absent seizure i am unconscious and unaware of things around me.
they happen more when i am tired or unwell. i’m not sure why i had them today, i was unwell yesterday it might of been that💜

sorry i forgot to film a proper outro but i hope you liked this video☺️💕

Original of the video here

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