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baking pancakes 😳

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Video Transcription

Hey okay so so today we’re gonna be onmaking pancakes I know it’s one allright but I just woke up so anyways somy drag on this one is another wayanyways oh this look Betty and Tommydoes not look Betty my godit’s a chemist dead-ass okay so you’relike we’re gonna be making a boxpancakes don’t one that you have toactually make because she was like justin case if they were not we’re gonna dothis like mom just do them for once inthe lights so it says heaps skillet overmedium-low I guess we can use easy I amdisgustedso I’m gonna get screamed back this isno way to open Oh mother you’re atsunami so it says it’s just that Ipaint add water so one cup of waterwait no oh shut the hell up shut them upoh this is like 1/2 right yeah just likeno I guess we didn’t use this I think Idid itugly guys this equals new places yeahthat’s how and first we start on likethat shut upthese are like my a spray I’m sorry do Ilike this I would just dump this alrightso I think I’m doing whatever so heatthe skilletwhat’s a skillet I’m gonna shut up soyeah it’s like a little thing so there’slike a little pan I find love him isthis oneyeah we just got a like over medium-lowice one of our guys on fire I don’t knowwhy I’m gonna do guys if it catches onfire I don’t know I’m gonna do I’ll makeyou pancakes what did you loseokay Dennis it skillet is very one dropsof water sizzle then disappear almostimmediately pour less than 1/4 batterfor each pancake what’s bad I amembarrassed turn one pancake bubble andbottoms or oh so let’s do this yeah giveit to it so we’ll get through this oh wegot caffeine Mountain bright out of pureokay so let’s get into thiswait so it’s an agony or electric I’mscaredYama doggies[Music][Music][Music]so it is hard as a witch’s coochie[Music]daddy oh yeah see yeah see this lookguys yes I am disgusting I don’t mindthat black stuff cuz it’s from like Isaid hola okay but I think it’s okay toeat it right yeah and like a super supernice toastiness I guess everything I’mtyping okay guys so my mom is here andshe kind of helped me out but guess whatwhat hey there yeah what bad for ya guyswith little bit a little bit more[Applause][Music]seeoh no I thinksecond question that they ask me is howI should have just clicked on it which Idon’t want to commit so almost and didthis and acknowledged that it was unloadis not supposed to be are alwayssupposed to be on medium high or we knowit’s I supposed to be on likethis oneokay okay I’m donation in the trashbecause I don’t care[Music][Applause][Music]thanks for watchingthere’s not talk about that because itwas ugly and nasty but yeah please Idon’t need this piece

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