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Backpack pancake making practice.

Here the boys are practicing making pancakes on a camp stove. This video was recorded March 2014.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

they get those pancakes off early but itspoke with the mercyso the boys are here making backpackpancakes the first time was it easy yeahfire files my first batch what were youwhat do you mean when you come to makeyou spend little so basically put ourmix in a bag oil the pan and water eatfried milk or ten oil you’d have to I’lla pen if it’s in your fist inside ofyour bag there’s my dad you have itright herefound a dog okay I’m safeI want to make funthat’s how you do it right there thatnerd or phone okaythat funnel cake should be frying rightI pour it straight into the oil so I’mright when it touches the oil it goesboom it applies these are good withoutsyrupclayman’s going to squeeze every last goto batter out of that thing why doesthis thing even have that little flipright there if it’s just going to pourout there you think we’re stupid youknow this is not a real bottle huh it’snot to hold it’s to look like youactually pour it out of there but youdon’t the lye

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