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[Music][Music]we have all the ingredients we havethree 300 grams of flour we have 300milliliters of milk we have three eggs250 times three times the daughter of mysister me ten cakesYUM we have 50 grams of butter meltedbutter then we have a pinch of salt thenwe have oil to cook our pancakes vanillaextract or lemon zest whenever you guysprefer we personally prefer vanillaextract and then above an ellipseblissful over some conversation so in mystation we have the goodies we haveNutellaI love Nutella meat we have blackcurrants we have raspberry these arejams and then we have toffee sauce andchocolate sauce and then over here wehave raspberry and strawberry and abanana[Music]so let’s get it all in the video andfirst you want to put on yeah sure andthen when we’re closed for making itwe’re gonna turn the stove upso first you want to put the eggs yeahyeah okayand we’re just going to put it down herethen we’re gonna put a pinch of salt[Music][Music][Music]so now we’re going to add our meltedbutter yep and then we’re just gonna mixthat okay now we’re going to add our 300milliliters of milkokay then we’re gonna add our water anywhisk now we’re going to gradually I’mgonna put the oil here because we don’tneed now we’re now we’re gonna graduallyput our flour so dramas flour and makesure you mix it all out so there’s noand I’m just going to keepbecause now we’re starting to get readyyou just keep mixing and I’m just gonnago over here and turn off this and turnon this stuff and I’m gonna put it tofour so now I can just mix and mix andmix so what’s your favorite hobby I lovedancing I like um what’s your favoritetopping to put on your chocolatechocolate comment down below what’s yourfavorite we both personally lovechocolate yeah okay so now it’s sayingto get ready now to two to three dropsof our vanilla extract and how I saidI’m just going to dookay readymake sure you clean your hands bookthat’s good I think we should have oneof these and then like test it to see ifit’s ready and also to put on the stoveon the path sorry yeah and that’s rightokay so now we’re just going to put alittle bit of oil in the pan right intoitanything working again you know therules for cheesy with that I’m justgoing to do okay so now I would I don’tput like a big cuz it depends how Ithink we’re saying you want them so I’llput around this much and put it in themiddle and spread it all overyep so this is our first pie cake thatwe’re doing so hopefully it turns outniceokay so I’m just going to get late oh weneed lip birthing whatever yeah allright so I’ll actually have no clue whatto use is this what we flip I think sosorry guys I’ve gotta make some uses I’mgoing to use I think okay so hopefullythe first one is so disappointing okaydance[Music][Applause][Music]yeah we’re just trying to let you knowfringy yeah we’re like crazy okayno that’s just the way of humans so whatdo we do when our pancake is cookingmake up a song yeah we should make up asong we are youtubers thank you for allour subscribers we are you thank youyeah well okay so we should make thatvideo at like a song video good songokay so I’m just gonna use my flipperyou know it’s not ready let’s makeanother so we are youtubers thank youfor all subscribers we are love oursubscribers yeah we are sometimes fringybut we love you guys we love making pumpwe love making pancakes and dancing allnightdoo-doo-doo boom that was a good songyeah I thinkit’s off let’s check it out no I thinkit’s readyyeah okay three oh it’s still white boyso put it backyay so quite white over there so so wehave to keep making the video the songso I’m gonna turn make a music video alittle bit up justify ityeah just to be you know a little fasterfor you guys okay so do not say thiscomment down below what’s your favoritetopping I think I said this sorry guyshave like 600 guys on Arthur don’t flunkpancake we aren’t gonna flip it ourfirst one we want to try and get it niceoh yeah not perfect pancakes might failright so I think it’s okay I’m gonnacheck the other side I think it’s whiteyes okay it’s not bad yeah what do youthink I don’t think it’s bad for ourfirst one yeah this is normally thefirst one okay okay so yeah try to tryit first time unusual even till the endyeah yeah we will try it for the end andwe all just do the thumbs up thanks athumbs up this video and subscribe turnon occasions on TV notified when we everpost a video the thumbs up videoyou still have to leave it yeah sorryI’m really okay okay make up a new songwe can call it make pancakes time it’spancake time we are making pancakeswhere to all we forgot about the punditnope and I’m trying to make this oneweek better because the first one waslike okay it was okay yeah it wasn’t thebest so I think that’s ready let’s seeyou’re gonna flip it yep no yesI think that’s ready yeah so but yeahyeah yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah harnessup below because in lots of videosKentucky’s dancing like this video socomment down below your favorite dancerwhat is yoursI think mine is what is your reading Ipersonally like I shoot the one from formy other armthat’s readythe actually don’t shuffle it goes likeit was at the shoot no no maybe it isodd she don’t here you can comment youron yeah tell us runs cold deliver Ithink it’s readyactually yeah I think it is too much ohmy god guys oh my god like this videoI’m pretty that was good yeah that wasgood this way my lawyers trying yeah herfirst check that was good if I do not itprobably okay so we’re just gonna checkon it a little bit yeah but really leaveit for a little bit waiting okay shejust do it a song hello yes hi waitright yep or actually we should um boyfantasy I’ll leave it all over oh yeahjudo Tik Tok Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok I giveit up give me a three in a row jump onyour SOS nothing or no one mellow jacketby UFO and it all goes oh man okay youO’Connor I think it’s readyokay so all over okay let’s retake timetotally yeahbrain do it takes hot tub in your – youlook give me a three in a row down herefunny Wakko and I’m getting on the rungirl oh yeah it’s on my fellow okaylet’s look on the funny yes everythinglike other things I think you shouldflip ityeah it’s like where did you read themastery yes I’m super sorry mama got itso I get this on the lower like thisvideo some Carina can do itjust imagine yeah that was awesomehey that would be terribleyeah okay now we’re just waiting yeahwhen paces me patients is perfectum it is kinda fun Frankie way reallyfastokay take a look give me three in a row[Music]hey brand I think okay yes it’s ready sowe made three so far let’s have anotherthree yeah nice you can also try thisour little ready or a recipe and thinglike that how we make Hank again this isreally fun but like the goodies likechocolate spread and things like thatthey’re optional whatever you reallyyeah and like just perform like thesethings like gum mostly Litella andraspberry jamyeah yeah and these are just likesomething to put on it ideas for youguys yeah I love you just absorb rightexcuse meyeah this just what what do you thinkyou’re gonna pick I’m gonna pickstrawberry I think it’s very nice I’mgonna flip it this timegive her a light make her do itperfectly yeah[Applause]it’ll fail sorry pengie yeah cringy umwhat do you want to do thiswe did we did you turn on the you haveto check on the pancake okay okay youcan do the master oh my god pretty happyit is good it should be this oh youforgot okay I think it’s doneis it yeah could I still have it no heranking me right nowoh this one over here I’ll put my headand you puts up with yes cuz I’m themaster the monster foiled yeah I thinkwe should start a prank war what do youthink cuz I already got you a littlewell pressure you on if you guys commentwhat I should do want to add her yeahcuz ask my yes in mindso this time you’re gonna flip it likethe monster way yesthe master wave I actually think I’mgonna drop it these study yeah you mightknow maybe yes maybe maybe I’m gonna dosomething rich modesBritish mode British mo British yeah cuzI’m a kupatana we have like differentmodes like we have a British modeRomanian mode we shout out to all theRomanians out there yeah I think becauseI think that was really cringey okay soyou’re gonna do this one I’m too youknow English yeah okay yes you ready ohmy god one two three years sorry mamaand Dadathese guys don’t burn your fingers itwas the other way yeah it was good yeahit was good yeah she couldn’t use themaster yeah thank unity is the masterway so I just did it that normal flippy way I think we should just you knowyeah yeah it’s not a painting over herewith the cleaning ladiesyeah just to look professional over hereyeah we did it to turn it turn to aprofessional oh we forgot about thepancake you wanna flip it yeah I’masleep the master okaygo three I’m the man I’m the master areyou supposed to put it the other wayoh yeah another way no because it’s yesyeah so we have to wait have to take aquick waterbury whoa British for free norace mode off hey pancake so we havedone for we have going for one two threefour one I know you said one more andthen we’re gonna do our spreads yeah I’mjust gonna hateso first Oh you go oil lady happens withthe oil in the pan I’m sorry justthey’re not looking at the desserts yeahI’m super excitedI presume like the strawberries andraspberries yeah I think I’m just gonnayou know swatch these and korina overhere is gonna do this so I’m ok youstart slicing the banana so first whatyou do is just take off like the peel[Music]ideal to use this knife is justoh yeah use a safety okay so I’m justgoing to put the X here even ifyou’re using a knife make sure you havehurt watching it so you don’t cut yourfavorite yesoh it’s called parent supervision I’mgoing to try that it’s hungry okay soshe’s just kind of banana do you likebananas I like them you’re so good onpancakes you should try it you never tryput chocolates right yeah hey do youthink we should do it the runs right upa little should we do a shout outs yeahyeah okay yeah like you subscribe andcoming up a little done do and eat andthen you might get shadow you’re nevernot yeah oh yeah you can cook them nohe’s in light oh I think it’s gone thenflip it so are you gonna let it a littlebit more actually I think it’s done yeahthere we go and now we’re just gonnaturn the stove off right now cuz we’regonna baby dude like someone’s thematter leaders we’re gonna get no finishdates to make them I think love cream Ithink you should go right there yeahI’ll take three and you will take threeokay I’m gonna do something special forour mom in that yeah yeah stay tunedwe’re we’re gonna do and three so wedon’t have three to decorate that greatto make what are you doing first I’mputting these strawberries okay I’mgoing to take a knife and put somechocolate sprinkle what are you puttingon the 31st some chocolate surprise andI’m putting strawberries chocolatefriends yeshundreds oh joy I’ll make you one andyou make me look okay okay and thenwe’re gonna try it for you guys to seeour these ones I don’t think we’re gonnacook them because they just want to besquashed so I think yeah the rest aroundleave it like this guys this one’s neatone well it’s okay cuz I sneaked what iswhat up did you yes Nazi okay so I’mgonna put some strawberries and formommy then we’re gonna do the last onesso yeah okay that’s good thank you[Music]I use like blueberries yeah comment downbelow what’s your favorite and I’m goingto pull what do you think I should wearAndra chop these up or chocolate sauceoh I think we should mix them up okay soyou’re just gonna close your eyes okayseriously what do you think mama doesn’tlike I think they were like jam jam Ithink that maybe a black Kurt orraspberry yeahthis is not an open oh it’s you yesso duties and more what is some more ohI can’t open it it was up cream yeah ohmy god yeah I’m like right here okay I’mdone making this strawberry that create[Music]okay so this hooded tree and I’m gonnaput some mantra if you keep cooking onthe show like on our YouTube channeldo you think we should call it prettynuts and I’m dress cooking showyeah if you wanted to like a little notintro on today’s show on today’s Kareenaand undress cooking show we madepancakes yeah my eyes hopefully I pinkI’m going for top of your chocolateactually well I don’t read okay where isit alreadyoh great that Tommy okay so I got topyou guys oh this looks so good when I’mdecorating a bookoh that looks nice my looks professionalmy niggaz can see on the bottom becausethis is let go now I’m gonna roll itokay I’m gonna see you violet look howthe chocolate I think it gives it like anice look what do you guys think okayI’m gonna roll it like they done gonnaprint some very hard okay this is my oneand I think chocolate spreading out okayI think we should put them like the timeeat somewhere another plate okay wheredo you think I think we should put thisone there so remember this is our thatwe’re gonna try for you guysnow each now we’re doing it for mom anddad’s yes I’m general assignment so Iread I wouldn’t do it for their honordad okay so dad likes fruit so I thinkI’m gonna put raspberries banana bunch Ithink I’m gonna go fuzzy momlet me pick I’m gonna go for a raspberryI don’t know if it started with like jamor chocolate what do you think thismight be ready by combination but I’mgonna go for a raspberry job so I’mgoing to see tonight as well sorrywasn’t we do you think I should put cuzit’s raspberry jam I should putraspberries yeahoh I’m drop so we have two pancakes sothen the bread so I’m going to make thisone firm dot you make that one for Momand then we have another one yeah ohmaybe I’m gonna make one for my littlebrother I’m gonna making like a tsunamibecause he is kind of smallyeah we have like a little like shapecutters but I think they’re up there soI don’t really want to get on a chair orsomething okay hey put some strawberriesover everybody raspberries then I’mgoing to use a few of these just liketwo and then one there and I think Ithink it’s really nice I’m not gonna putsauce on it or anything what JohnnyDunne who like toffee or chocolate sauceor no sauce I don’t know what do youthink guys like so I knew I want to knowbit of chocolate and a chocolate one Ican’t decide I’m gonna do a chocolatenowoh my god it looks so good sauce here itis as a raspberry job some raspberries afew bananas – and then some toffee sauceand chocolate sauce what do you thinkI’m drew that’s nicethank you well it’s nice I have anotherone should we both make one for our babybrother I put in chocolate I’m not a boyso there’s my chocolate this might befrom[Music][Music][Music]okay so maybe my favorite one myfavorite topping on the hardest robberyis your exercise I know sorry yep thereyou go we have the last kind of a bigone okay so keep in mind these twoaren’t even four knotsso that looks nice yes is that my babybrother’s even though they actually havequite a lot of chocolate and he’s onlylittle but he might try a half of it notmuch so that’s it I’m gonna roll itI’m going to put it out put it just likethatno because we’re eating missing my beltwe’ll figure okay super yummy so youguys saw all the ingredients that we putin so make sure you try the recipe anddon’t forget to Like subscribe and turnon vacations and be notified when weever post a video and share this videoso your friends and your family can dothis as well cuz they’re super supertasty and comment down below but theirwax appease that amazing oh they’re likeguys remember it’s an under cooking showand tell us more like challenges to door like these we can do for you guys towatch just comment them down below andwe’ll do them so here’s our cupcakes bye

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