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Yummy No Bake Cookies

Hello Family. Welcome back to my channel.
I Pray Everyone is staying safe.
Blessings Love and Happiness
Swt Sadie J TV

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]okay my beautiful people I’ve had thecookie dough chilling in therefrigeratorwell well probably for a couple of hoursbecause I kind of forgot about it but Iwanted to bring them out now that youguys see how they came out and I’m gonnatry to do a little taste test before andthis of course is safe to eat sorry oh Ijust want to make sure y’all knowisn’t that pretty no this is safe to eatwha okay cookie dough so I wanted youguys to see that so there wouldn’t beany comments down there going youshouldn’t eat well why wasn’t my camerahello hello hello sorry oh she won’tfocus okay let’s see this says there wegothis is safe to eat raw okay so it’ssupposed to be ready in 15 minutes buty’all know I went you sat down and gotdistractedso let’s see if she’ll come back andfocus on us so I’m gonna take thesmallest one because I haven’t had mydinner yetso it’s either that one or that one pullit off the portion of paperoh they’re cold all right let me turnthe camera on so you can see me samplethem hey y’all I got doing okay so I gotthis Joey just hear me pop like thatdude oh my godokay yeah okay I’m still working onthose cookies from all these mmm andthen I smell I bought a small pack ofthat Nutter Butter peanut butter cookiescovered in chocolate I’m trying tochocolate overload here y’all these areso good that was definitely one my musicmy appetite oh my goodnessthey had other flavors I think it waspeanut butter and something else I thinkthey had like three varieties and I justgrabbed the chocolate chip to try it andthey are delicious but I’m going to putsome in a freezer container this iswhere I had some gelato or my sister hadsome gelato and we saved the containersso we know they’re freezer safe and I’mgonna put some in the freezer to savethem until either my sister comes downor I go up and I can take her some ofthese because these are delectable andthey’re chocolate she would absolutelylove these I mean I would get in a lotof trouble if my doctor saw me eatingthese right now I’m gonna look on thebox and see how long you can keep themrefrigerated but they are deliciousso I ended up putting them all in thereas you can see and it doesn’t say howlong Betty’s tip if they melt at everyinterval oh I already did that yeah soit doesn’t really say how long you cankeep them in the refrigerator or freezerbut Oh 60 days store cookie dough bitesin a resealable bag in the freezer forup to 60 days or refrigerate for up to aweek so Irefrigerator for a week or I can putthem in the freezer for 30 days so I’mgonna put them right in the freezerbecause yeah my sister would love thesebut I hope you guys enjoyed watchingsweets adj coming back at 2 love peaceand happiness remember guys be kind toeach other the world is big enough forus allI love you all so very much please likecomment and subscribe and have a greatday y’all bye yummers

16 Replies to “Yummy No Bake Cookies

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  2. Ok I looooove sweets like cookies and my mom told me to stop eating sweets maybe you’re gong to be fat and have diabetes anyway that’s so delicious and easy to make

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  5. “Keep your sunny side up, keep yourself beautiful, and indulge yourself.” Don’t think about the misery going on in the world but think about the beautiful days ahead. God got us all covered. Happy Tuesday Sweet Sadie J. , I hope your day has started out good for you. Love the “life is short” bowl. The chocolate chip no bake cookie dough bites came out great! I’m glad they were yummy Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day ❤️ Stay safe

  6. With you and Beth making cookies I am going to have to make some soon . I’m thinking of making some banana bread today. Thanks for sharing

  7. Happy Tuesday my sweet friend take care and stay safe Keep on smileing xoxo.thanks for sharing ure cooking video i enjoyed watching it looking forward to your next one sincerely amy.meanor from Florida

  8. Hi Sis I am in the parking lot of the store watching this video. They look delicious I am going to have to get some and have the boys make them. Thank you for sharing love you bunches

  9. Oh wow! I need to try those! They look good..Alright sis.. You really love your sister’s..Always thinking of them! Sweet,Enjoyed..Thanks for sharing ❣❤❣

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