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What may happen tomorrow because I invited JJ to bake cookies with me

So basically I’ve been learning how to bake
And me and my father are going shopping for baking supplies tomorrow so I decided to invite JJ to bake some Nutella cookies with me

If you don’t already know because if this video
I’m basically the innocent bean in my friend group
You have no idea how many times I basically get called cute on a daily basis

And Jessica is probably gonna be simping tomorrow because everyone in my friend group has a cursed ship and here they are:

Me x Bread

Donalie x ramen

JJ x Nutella

So I has just shown mah life to y’all

Fun fact:

Basically all my friends are bi (except donalie and that’s why I got rejected by that adorable cinnamon roll-)

Also all my friends are demonic cinnamon rolls

Original of the video here

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