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Video Transcription

what’s up guys and welcome to our firstyoutube video here on our channel seasonreally i’m season and i’m really todaywe’re making my chocolate chip chocolatechip cookies why are you eating stopdon’t do that okay we have the recipe onmy phone first things first I’m therealest he was your him no I’m sorryRandy’s thinking over here hello welcometo really do you know season what righton the stove you literally gonna set iton this doesn’t fit that way see that’swhy I kind of like that yeskeep an eye on it is you can’t you saidyou will okay guys it’s not dead I’m notokay mm-hmm is it not it’s fine are youlaughing what’s wrong with my hairliterally not a single thing it can’t betoo melted that’s why they said it it’llturn out flat you melted it too much letme see this what it just might turn outa little flat my cookies are cookies fatcookie backI said flat like you 1/4 cup ofshortening we’re a cooking show now allI think about is you it’s 1:30 in themorning I’m gonna get copyrighted ourparents are asleep yeah and that’s whywe’re filming right now because they’retoo loud[Music]one cup brown one cup brown sugar whatare y’all doing yeah do you have to goyo follow my tick-tock I’m on thereeverybody come unless they saw me on therecommended page your first video unlessI’m on your right arm under bed one twothree no fourfun fact I used to want to be a chef sogets exam pretty good in the kitchenright where she belongs women belongsokay now you got to mix up all theseingredients with a spoon don’t yell withthem teamwork makes the dream work[Laughter]I just felt like you’re talking about meby my back like I’m stirring you’restaring at the camera like what watchyour mouth oh if you don’t like methat’s fine but um watch your mouth okaynow it’s time to crack the eggs waitlet’s wait till this one’s mixed inseasonyou know this is gonna be a whole videoof just standing here mixing theingredients and talking over each otheryeah next and I’m steady we’ll be goingto the nextflower pouring mother change anywaysguys now that we he’s gone let’s justtake a moment of silence to reallyappreciate this moment okay how was thatanyways I had plans today and then itstarted raining so the weather messed itup what are you guys doing in quarantineyou know what I’ve been doing um nothingyeahany new sorry YouTube we’re new here Ithought you guys were from tik-tok livewait this isn’t like I was havingconversationsyeah time to chef it up you look like atiger how much flour how much flourchill next Keith chill for a second yeahOh flower are you okay it’s so traumaticwhat that hurt you doing yeah swear nohuh you are no swear swear no I’m notyes you areno okay wear on your head season we’rebest friends so let’s play get to knowme my name is Raillythat’s actually my middle name it’s whatI go by seasons season is her first nameum we’re we’re 19 years old were bestfriends we hang out all the time um Ihave a girlfriend she’s currently singleum she is also into girls um but she’snot looking to date anybody right nowshe’s kind of off the marketwhat are you saying about me I think allgood thingsdid you guys know white chocolate chipsor an actually chocolate no cocoa meanthere’s no cocoa in just chocolate soit’s chocolate no there’s no cocoa yeahso it’s not chocolate yes I was doing Iwas agreeing you were telling me thatit’s not chocolate after I said it’s notchocolateI was talking the camera might be toomuch okay you look like thehash-slinging slasher guys gonnahash-slinging slasher from Sponge Bobthat’s what she looks like it’s 2:00a.m. now and we’re making cookiesoh I thought there was a robber[Music][Music]that was terrible it was her cat[Music]I really thought somebody was coming inour house so let’s have a little talkfor that camera how old are you what doyou want to be when you’re olderhairdresser she wants to put clothes onhair she wants again with cute outfitsand everything yes you could say she’sinto fashion she wants to be ahairdresser so why should we book therewe just have the same dream this is toobig you’re too big that’s so meanit was a joke it wasn’t it funny why I’mjoking are you eating the dough is itgood mm-hmm serious mm-hmmno sugar it’s Quito yeah I can go makemore different flavors hmm right I knewyou I knew funny dude hey hey get offyeah okay here’s our cookies are cookingcome back in 10 minutes[Music][Laughter]no no you like guys these suckbasically yeahall right guys okay thank you guys forwatching our entire video if you made itthis far it was a little bit of a trainwreckand our cookies are all south also a bitof a train wreck it’s not bribes eyesand if you guys come back to the nextvideo that’s it for our first video andlike comment subscribe I’ll be postingnext but we have a lot of free time withthe virus going around so sure catch youguys laterfollow us on Instagram and tik-toksnapchat everything will be blue yep seeyou later bye you bye

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