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We Tried To Bake Cookies Without A Recipe! *shocking results

We Tried To Bake Cookies Without A Recipe! *shocking results
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WELCOME BACK BISS! Today we got inspired to try baking cookies without a recipe. Because I am a fan of eating cookies I thought it would be easy peasy chicken squeezy to make it without a recipe but I was so wrong… beyond wrong… both of our cookies turned out to be not cookies. Let me know what you think and what’s your favorite cookie recipe!


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Video Transcription

what’s so funny it looked like a cookieI just got flour all over it tigerit’s okay Tigers why you won’t care thisis really gross I don’t know if you guyscan tell but judging by the title oftoday’s vlog it’s gonna be an absolute show this is not gonna end well forour kitchen for our oven for the cookiesfor our relationship I think that thismight be our demise but I was superintrigued because I pinched a bunch ofthe try guys videos where they triedcooking a bunch of things without arecipe I feel like they might have alittle bit be higher on the intellectualscale than I am but I do think that I’mbetter with food watch that be acomplete lie and they’re like amazingchef yes even like bagels and pies andlike yes thank so you saw our video noI’m not the cookie one I saw their bagelone I don’t know how to make cookieshoney I feel like you gotta make cookiefor your high school boyfriendit’s called cookie dough Phil’s breakcookie dough in the Kroger aisle nearthe cheese’s that’s what’s calledcookies okay so today we’re going to bemaking cookies without a recipe this isgonna be increasingly difficult becauseI have no idea how to make cookies Ifeel like I have a better idea than himso that’s why I’ve prepped theingredients I think see this is where itgets tricky this could be where I set usboth up for complete and utter failurebecause I think and I assume that theseare the ingredients that are necessaryin a cookie dough but I’m not sure we’vegot half a bag of flour we’ve got 7 eggswe’ve got half a bag of semi-sweetchocolate chips each we’ve got one stickof butter and about 2 cups of milk andwater and whatever necessities that weneed in the kitchen are here for ourdisposal but I don’t know I don’t evenknow if these are the ingredients to behonest I assume this is crazy becausewe’ve been trying to follow recipe 2cook okay this time with our recipe weare going to ensure failure that’swhat’s happening we have to make sure wefail and so I’ve got a bull he’s got hisutensils over there this is gonna be aback to back cooking challenge whichmeans that he is going to be verydistracted because it’s going to be aback sit back so he gets a nice viewokay well you Jason Franco out thereturn around and so we have a couplerules right so the first rule is that weonly have 30 minutes to make whatevercookie dough that we want whether it’sthree different batters or just one or24 you have 30 minutes and then it hasto you have to put your hands in the airit’s like MasterChef it’s go-time boobooGordon Ramsay’s waiting and then thesecond rule is that we can’t lie to eachother we can’t lie to you know so likewhen we’re back to back and I ask youwhat you’re doing you don’t have to tellme everything you’re doing but you can’tlie to me like you can’t be like I’mjust playing do you wanna lie yeah Ithought we can’t lie to each otheroh that’s just complicated the game tipfor me I thought you provided me withall those things I just supposed to dumpeverything in that’s the ratio you thinkit’s half a bag of flour seven eggs halfa bag of chips and two cups of milkclarified no so I guess I’m the faithand hope for this video yes I mean justto your stationshello welcome to our cooking show as youcan see I am here we’ve got my fianceehere whoa chill out you could use my momtalk are you ready no network this iswhere I’m going to show you what to doand what not to do three two one stop sowhat’s your strategy on this do you havea strategy my strategy I thought aboutthis long and hard I’m gonna do this theuse science math and experiment I thinkI’m gonna do like small batches at atime until I get there right consistencyso she’s a flower do you do it in ablower on the board youno house on the board the board why elsedo you think there’s a boy hey can I getsome measuring cup why because it’sabout science I’m gonna find out theratio today okay do I put this off inhere and then I’m going to do some ofthem gonna do 1/2 cup I’ve never madecookie in my life I’m a cake before thegently cheesecake and ripping everywhereI feel like I should melt this inmicrowave real quickwait why a new microwave no okaymicrowave this and I’m just gonna startwith mixing these see what happenswait I don’t have sugar I have sugarwhat the heck I can give you the sugarcan I get some sugarI don’t know this doesn’t look likecookie to me what are you doing oh mygod oh my god oh my god you’ll neverbelieve it has instructions on how tomake chocolate chip cookie no you’rekidding and confused I don’t have astrategy I thought that my strategywould be bad life I love cookies morethan you love cookies and ice I wouldknow that cookie dough consistencybut it’s not turning out that way whatdid you do I haven’t have anything I’veonly added sugar to flour some water inthere cookies those supposed to bepretty firm like you can mold it into ashape no why do I remember them to belike super hard and then you can alwaysmode it into anythingyou probably remember wrong have youever had cookie dough kind of like cakegod this is really gross mine’s actuallygetting to be a really good consistencyokay maybe the main ingredient for acookie is not flour yeah flour is forbread okay she’s trying to sabotage meI’m gonna take the flour I’ll completelyFYI 18 minutes leftoh maybe I am doing this right I thoughtthat I wouldn’t have a chancethe other day we were added like alittle store where we bought ourchessboard as my fiance felt like thechess board was overpriced and so hewanted to google chess boards to seerelatively what pricing they’re sold atto see if this is way above market valueor you know on par with the other chessboards and this guy in the middle of thestore while the sales associate istalking to us about this chess board hestirred google chess boards to see howmuch it cost but nothing keeps bumpingup and he starts getting frustrated andI look over at this note and it’sbecause he kept typing and cheese boardokay this is exactly what I’m lookingfor I disagreesee what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna popthis into the freezer for about five toten minutes freezer since one freezer isgetting involved I think that’s what I’mjust feeling I think that’s what mydough is telling me well let me askno oh you’re not as good as me oh youwish you could be as thick as techne suebut you’re not you’re just achocolate-chip cookieand Stephanie Sue is a whole ass cakeyeah I’m gonna say three more that’swhat you told me to dothe dough is speaking to me I feel likeif I just pop her into the freezer for alittle girl and take her out it’s goingto be spectacular so into the freezer wego my strategy is not going to bescience-based but technique based suchas sticking my toe into the freezer suchas being very cautious about how they’replated onto the baking sheet becausethere’s a certain type of cookie that Iknow that I enjoy we have 15 minutes canI use that mixer thingy the hand mixeryes no you don’t need that why you justdon’t but mine’s not getting mixed thenthat’s what that means your recipesmessed up I don’t know I can trust youcan I get the hand mixer noise now Ithink I’m on the right path guys I justgot flour all over it tigerit’s okay Tigers why you won’t hear allright I feel like this time gotten it alot better oh yeah embarrassing becauseit’s turning out so well this one’sgonna do really good okay actually it’snot gonna work the process what youthink it’s not gonna work well but thenit turns out amazing oh yeah this is itthis is the one right here of a badfeeling about thiscan I see your dough nopehow’s your science that’s really goodit’s a minute that’s concerning becausemy I feel like I’m in a bakery class thequestion is what do you think somethingthat I’m not sure I will be very excitedto eat this matter of fact I will evenbuy this two minutes okay do you want tocome display you are a Bosch with medon’t over there no no we can’t showthat so you you think yours are low Renino mine’s not runny at all mine’s theperfect cookie dough consistency and wejust have to put it in and go ahead andsee what happensno you cannot see I got two batters Ibarely use the second one because Ithink the first one the freezer one wasthe hard hitter it was a little bit toorunny so I added some more thickness toit and now I have plated it onto thiscookie tray the timer went off hands inthe air chefs and this is what we’reputting in the mother freaking happenokay so right now on a scale of 1through Cookie Monster probably like asolid 7 I did my cookie dough a solid 10ok that’s what she said before I saw younaked – I’m going to be doing this 700what from what I remember my experienceI think it’s about 450 I believe 450 isthat right babe should I go higherhigher than 450 or what should I go lessthan 450 how low should I go – 350it doesn’t matter I’m gonna go for it450 okayall right and I’m gonna bake it for 15minutes how long you’re baking it for 8minutes 3 minutes 12 minutes can we takeit out before I don’t know we have to gothe full price then I go for nineminutes I go for 12 minutes I go fornine okaywelcome so at this point in time I’vemade the executive decisions that weshould see each other’s dough’s beforewe commit to sticking one in the oven doyou get all the innuendos that I’m doingright now and so we’ve got our doughwe’re at the same temperatureyes oh my god you’re scaring me are youready are we gonna thank you littogether this is always Oh guys readythree why what’s so funny it looks likea cookie flat food honey that’s whatcookie don’t look like have youliterally never had a cookie doughbefore I met obviously God did you notuse egg whites I did three egg white andfive yolks and then a bunch of flourwhat did you do flour sugar I don’tremember how many eggs but I used moreegg whites and egg yolks what yeah andthen butter and milk and then chocolatechips butter milk and chocolate chip butwhy is this so firm you put a lot offlour in there yeah oh my god I can seeflour here what do you think these twoare actually different these two thereason why I didn’t like yours in myentire life 12 minutes yes it’s going tobe chip you’re about to make cookiecrisps you have to promise me somethingII don’t want that you know honeyyours is cookie for my taste better Idon’t know might unique we’re justanother cookie cookie krisp not a cookiechip a better cookie yes and the talentyears aren’t gonna be cookiesyou’re not increasing a cookies need 12minutes I don’t know what you’re waitinghere I want to see the transformation ifthere’s not a chance for me to any me isjust gonna be more applied this sense oflike cookies are made with love notsciencethe real cookies are about to go in okaywhat turns up oh my god that looks likea cookie tell me that doesn’t what doyou mean that looks like a cookie mybutthole is a nutit has nothing to do with my cookiecan’t take it out do you guys see thisokay yeah mine is time’s up that’s aweird it looks complete a pancake so mytime is up and I’m taking mines out butStephanie’s being a cheater so she’sleaving her in for a couple more minutesWow well I’m gonna wait for Stephanie’sto finish in a few more minutes and thenwe’re gonna taste no time you don’t wantit even I don’t want what’s good in thekitchen a hybrid between a stone and ameringueso we’ve officially taken our cookiesout of the oven and we have plated themfor our ships you guys are ourMasterChefto judge our cookies I don’t knowmine looks more like a cookie okay holdyour best cookie up and we’re going togive them a close-up see if my bestcookie is I would say it’s this one butthey’re like twinsoops so I can’t really separate them ohso I’m just gonna be like this is thisone it’s my best one how about thatwhich one is your breastthis one is going to be my best one mymy rehearse my okay looks like a perfectthe parchment see always yeah let mesmell yours nice smells what I got Ohmommy’s no yours oh honeyokay let’s try yours first okay with ityes so open it’s a little doughy forsure well I would give you a rose I’llgive you the piece no no my Terracehmm sure it’s cut em all right describethis first bite without your tonguetasting it you might be you might thinkthis is a cookie but then once the chewymiss comes in what is what’s like ahybrid between cookie and cardboardcardboard and fine are you ready formine I have two two types though firstwhy is this one huh I open it go aheadokay okay that’s good it’s so good Ihere’s all day so this one I would sayit’s more like a pancake Wow look atthis piece it is so good mm-hmm like ifI ordered pancakes and a restaurantdelivered me this um play disgusting butI feel like – you can actually eat itbut yours I can eat mine are you so Ijust want to say though on the back ofthis flower package it gives youchocolate chip cookies instructions itsays chocolate chip cookies 2/3 cuplight brown sugar 2/3 cup granulatedsugar that’s a long wish I knew I wasright it turns brown because of thebrown sugar right maybe that’s why hercookies turned out so yeah Wow 12tablespoons unsalted butter like a horsesteak are you so hosting two teaspoonsvanilla extract why did I not think ofthat almond extract vinegar baking soda1 egg 2 cups of flour with one eggI did five a preheat the oven to 375we’re close okay my any downfall I wouldsay is I add a little more egg I thinkthis will turn out very close um I wouldlike to say that in conclusion I am sowrong I thought that I had a bettergrasp of cookies than you did but kindof I definitely you know like this one II really can’t stayyeah only a hundred percent I won thechallenge and act like you can evencontemplate winning this challenge but Ican even say that you won’t either sookay leave it in the comments using thisone I feel like both tastes nothing likea cookie so just appearance wise whatlooks more like a cookie to you but atleast mine tastes goodyours doesn’t taste good is good that’slike me saying my teas good I could saymine tastes good but yours doesn’t tastegood or teachers yeah tastes like justegg let me know in the comments who youthink won this challengeI feel like if we did something thatwe’re both a little bit more familiarwith we might have a better chance ifyou guys want to make it make Chinesefood or Korean food without a recipesoup dumpling without a recipe so leaveit in the comments if you guys want tosee us do like a whole Asian foodwithout a recipe challenge and I hopeyou guys enjoyed today’s videoalso please let us know who won thiscookie challenge it was a lot harderthan I thought I have a lot more respectfor cookies so I hope you guys enjoyedit and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

9 Replies to “We Tried To Bake Cookies Without A Recipe! *shocking results

  1. Stephanie: continues to put herself through the emotional trauma of baking just to give us quality content ❤️❤️

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  5. try making macarons! i tried making them with my friend and they straight up looked like i poured pepto bismol onto a baking sheet…tasted good tho

  6. At this point I don’t even want to see Stephiance’s face. He will forever just be a ripped panda to me.

  7. I don’t know how Stephiance can ask Stephanie what happened to her dough when his dough is literally bright yellow

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