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we make key lime cookies!

In this video you get to see us make key lime cookies! It was really fun and not too sour. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to make some as well! If you read this, comment down below your favorite pie and if it would be a good cookie flavor in your opinion. I hope you enjoy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay I’m editing an hour of footage foryou guys so please watch the video allthe way through also I know I’m we’rekind I’ve kind of been doing a lot ofrecipes and yes I wasn’t supposed to bemaking this video oops um I’m supposedto be making a necklace video withcrafts not recipes but you know what Idecided to do this instead just so don’tblame meI just expose myself um so today we aremaking Key Lime cookies hope you enjoyjust nakedthe dark darkgive us what we wantfamily tree okay we got our limes and weare ready to hand inside[Music][Music]okay update time we forgot the breadsugar so we’re improvisingand we’re gonna add more butter so wecan add the brown sugar it’s gonna risethey’re not gonna change shape so theyshould be like[Music][Music][Music]okay[Music][Applause][Music]right so we’re gonna try it like juicingeverything over here we’ve set upoutside so where’s that you’re justpicking these off the ground thisYouTube we did not mess up this was awin[Music][Music]okay so we are going to have a commentfor the comment section says because Iactually like to hear your opinion onthis what is your favorite pie and wouldthat pie flavour be a book good cookieso for example cherry pie do you thinkcherry cookies be good thick yes or noso please calm down in comment sectionbelow and let’s see how they looked[Music]

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