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so I wash my hands and then I read stuffand everything and then I importancepowder and my sister’s microwaving thebutter to get it melted and then afterthat I’m going to crack a egg and whatare you bat and then my sister pours themelted butter in and then I had to stirthe little hole with the whisk but itwouldn’t go to market and my sister’staking a video and we stopped it shineumjimena you tasted it and tastes good andthen I don’t want something mellow butyeahand then then I got a little Bowl and Iimport their cinnamon and yeah and thenmeet my sister sprayed the panconnected to the video because I knewdat paper towel or else I’d be my cameraoh I know I’m getting a little giddy Udoand I’m putting a circle but this isreading the directions so then you justdip them to them in which I’m going todoyeah but just rolling them nicely blueballs obviously don’t know how to dookay the show which is not even herchannel but he’s okay I guessand then she’s just standing there likeget out of the way and then I’m she’stwerking yeah she’s dancing and then Igot and then I tasted the dough thiscinnamon t6i Manila mm-hmand then um I put the my sister put themin the oven and yeah I forgot to takethe part where anything but they were sogood

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