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Video Transcription

I am back with another video sorry Imissed last Sunday you guys I was socaught up in his coronavirus thing it’sbeen like crate mad crazyI was out literally almost all daylast Sunday just trying to search downtoilet paper it’s just it’s been crazyI’m not sure how it is where you guysare I’m in Florida and it is like reallyreally crazy I went to I mean everystore you could think of just lookingfor a basic essential which is toiletpaper image like out everywherethe shelves are empty so sorry less weguys I did not post last Sunday but I’mback again with another video and yeahI’m gonna show you guys what we’re gonnabe making this Sunday stay tuned[Music]so you guys look what I found in Walmarta cookie brownie mix I’ve never seenthis beforebut today we are gonna try it out andlook yummy and I was like you know whatlet me get this and we’re gonna um goahead and make it on the channel and seehow it tastesso sit back and let’s keep a pair on thebox is telling us that we need twotablespoons of water 1/3 cup ofvegetable oil and one egg you can’tsubstitute the vegetable oil or butterso that’s what we’re gonna do today andit’s some of the heat our oven to 350which I’ve already done for a glasspanes what we’re going to be using hereand we’re just gonna get the brownie mixand the cookie mix stir it up and youknow when to arts our pan but if youguys can see the front of that it looksdelicious so I always usually get likethe brownie mix but I’ve never I’m sorryeven trying a brownie and a cookie mixtogetherI saw the restaurants but I’ve neverreally tasted it so today guys we aregonna be making it up so yeah let’s getstarted you guys I’ve took out thebrownie mix I’m it’s a small package ofthe brownie mix and over here is thischocolate chip cookie mix and if youguys can see closely is chocolate chipsintertwine into the mix so we’re gonnaget this over into our mixing bowl looklet’s start with the brown I think westart with the brownie mix first sowe’re going to go ahead and open thisand get it over into our Bowl and getthis mixed up and we’re going to comeback and add our quickie mix over intothe mixing bowl[Music]so you guys it’s having us use threetablespoons of butter and again as wellyou can substitute this for the oil butI think the butter is kind of make it alittle bit more richer so we’re gonnause the butter okay so now we’re gonnago ahead and start mixing this in youdon’t have to use your hand mixer if youdon’t one who can always use a spoon inthis case I’m gonna go ahead and mix itup with a spoon but if you have yourhand mixer handy you can use that aswell but his homeworks are just escapeokay just mixing this around you guyscan see I love brownie mix but I’m nevertrying it with the cookie mixed into itoh yeah guys just been so crazy here inFlorida um it’s just been a mess likeall you see is coronavirus stuffeverybody is like stuck in the house butjust kind of good things that they giveyou time to spend with your families wehave you guys don’t do that too much umspin with the family and plus theschools that you wish you guys I’m notsure where you are they have had all thekids out of school and it’s like nowthey may be homeschooling it’s just beenum just total mess so you guys don’tforget to order your panyou have to oil your grease your panbefore you add just a brownie mix inthere so now I’m going to see we’re justadding in our brownie mix and then I’mgonna come back and get our clicky mixerso I’m just spreading this out guysspread out evenlyokay so we got our projects here I’mgonna get a mixing bowl then come backand we’re gonna mix up this cookie sitthat in the sink don’t you guys and washout the mixing bowl because I could notfind a second mixing bowl so now we’regonna go in we’re gonna get our cookiemix stir it into our mixing bowl okayI’m just gonna open up our cookie mixjust like that pour it over into yourmixing bowl here is telling us for theclicky mix we’re gonna do 2 tablespoonsof water okay I’ve got my water herewe’re gonna start mixing in ourchocolate chip quick you better wearthis you guys is telling us to um afterwe get this mixed up it’s telling us togo ahead and spoon just point it overonto our brownie mix so we’re not goingto spread it we’re just gonna drop thosespoonfuls of the cookie dough the cookiebatteron to the brownie mix that makes thatreally really nicelet me show you guys you guys can’t seeokay and okay you don’t need that muchbut we’re not spraying this we’re justgonna drop spoonfuls of the cookiebatter one to the um brownie mix Trinitywanted to make nish you guys but I toldwe had to do do our video I’ll let youguys see how we make it because I havenever had it beforeso just like so we’re mixing the cookiedough onto the hope you guys can youguys help so guys you guys can see thatokay I’m just dropping spoonfuls of thebatter on top of the brownie mix justwhite stuff okay so and I’m doing threeroll three two rolls of three I’m comingin with my last drop of the cookie mixokay so you got two rolls on the cookieokay guys so there you have it I’vemixed up everything I have it here istelling us to stick it in our oven andwe’re going to bake this for about 30minutes okay and we’re gonna break it onfour glass 350 no let’s say up into 350for a shiny metal or glass yeah okay soglass we’re gonna make it at 350 solet’s get this over into our oven sowe’re gonna break that for about 30minutes in oven is on 350 guys up Ialready cooked a meal so I didn’t shareit with you guys cuz today we’re justfocusing on the the brownie cookie mixso let me let that bake and we’re gonnacome back and see how it turns out youguys the cookies smells so good thecookie brownie smells really goodso we are about to take it out the ovenand see how it came out of course wecan’t cut it right now because you haveto let it cool off but let’s take it outof it and let’s see how it turned outokaysmells good burn myself okay guys so itis very very hot we are gonna let itcool off and then we’re gonna come backand we’re gonna credit give it a tasteand see how it tastesso yeah let’s take a cool we’re gonnagive it about five or ten minutes tocool off then we’re gonna come back andcut it up okay okay so we finished upthe cookie brownie it has had time tocool so we’re gonna go ahead and cut itin a couple of squares and get it pinnedup this is pretty cool guys it looksgood so I don’t think I’m gonna give ita try right now but I am gonna pan it upfor you guys let me get uphere we go I’m kind of just scoopingguys around the edges and get themloosened up so I can baby get it out ofhere so I guess you guys could cut ithow everyone if you want big pieces ofthe brown you can cut it in big squaresbut I think i’ma cut about one to threeso right here is I’m able to get about15 squares out of this pan here you seeme I’m just trying to loosen it up so Ican babyscoop it up[Music]okay you guys so I’m going to pick it upand let you guys see how it turns outand it just looks just like it it is acookie brownie yeah so you guys mightwant to give them a try and see what youthink about them and again this pan Iwas able to get about fifteen of thecookie brownies they look really good sothe kids are gonna hopefully enjoy themand um I’ll tell you guys what theythought about them yeah so into the nextvideo I will see you guys later today orSunday I’m gonna go out and again try tofind some um how supplies like thetoilet ishutin stuff because thiscoronavirus got everything crazy rightnow in the stores so I want to give it aquick move on it before the shows areempty again so yeah so you guys trythese again it’s called the BettyCrocker cookie brownie bars mix um andlet me know what you guys think I willas well as you guys know in the nextcooking videowhat the kids thought about thesehopefully they’ll like them they lookpretty good so yeah there you have itdon’t forget to like comment if youwanna make comments and don’t forget tosubscribe if you have not already againfor continued videos and uploads oftasty foods and dessert that you and aswell as your kids may like and you canleave comments below and let me knowsome of the things you would like for meto try and upload to the channel ok byebye

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