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waking up at 11am to make cookies | quarantine baking

Welcome to nat’s life lmao.

Maybe 11 am is late for some people,
but i would like to say it was early early for my messed up sleeping schedule

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s so hot yeah I’m cold because I waslike in my blankets but it’s hot so Idon’t want to kind of sweater becauseit’s really hot but I feel cold okay somy skin is clear right like I don’t havelike acne or anything but then Lu this Ijust I forgot what acne like looked andfelt like for such a long time because Ihave not suffered from severe acne forlike two years alreadyJan taught me the kitchen is dirty ohwell I’m not cleaning it my siblings areproud of like Oh Natalie’s gonna make avideo in the kitchen she’s probably toclean it nopealthough these are all cupcakes we madeyesterday not we my sister but let’sjust say we suck at unproductive fortoday’s video I decided to make anothervideo back in the kitchen cuz I don’tknow why you guys really like when Ibake um I don’t think is thatinteresting but you guys do I could notwake up this morning you guys oh my godI just couldn’t okay so I set my alarmat 8 a.m. right sounds like oh no it was7:30 I was like Oh waking up to makecookies for any siblings at 7 a.m. rightcouldn’t I snoozed that bitch till 9a.m. and when I up to 9 a.m. I was likeI give up I just left my body sleepdoesn’t wanna wake up why my child wakesmy body how rude of meso I said sleep in and now it isofficially eleven seventeen yeah youguys don’t mind right should I clickbeat you guys would say waking up tomake cookies at 6 a.m.nah my hair isn’t even parted right Iwould just make this video so raw likeno makeup just me I’m in a tank top thatI just woke up in making cookies becauseI don’t even tell you guys I don’t makecookies say I don’t make chocolate chipcookies because I’ve chocolate chips andbrown sugar for the first time in mylife so we’re making chocolate chipcookies for the viewers purpose I didget this recipe off a tick-tock the sameplace I get all my other recipes fromthe oreo cheesecake recipe I ended upbaking the other two batches because Ihad a lot of extra batter so I put it inthe fridge and we ended up baking theother two cone he liked tolaters everyone like them my hypocriteour sister ended up eating like stole mymom after she’s like mmmshe gave me up mmm but then after sheended up eating all up so I’m juststuffy to everything this way also I’vebecome a tick-tock here ever since thelast video I posted so it’s kind ofserious now one of my videos almost has100k views I kind of feel I can sitTucker down which I don’t know if I’mhappy about all right I need to reviewthe recipe one more time also there’slike hello harsh light hitting me righthere cuz it’s supposed to be 97 degreestoday do believe that finally I lovesomeone also I’m gonna edit this videoand post it today because I posted foryou so when you’re watching this it’sthe current date I’m looking over therecipe one more time I will put the guysto talk in here see you guys can seewhere recipe I use full full flaky saltI owe 3/4 of a cup of brown sugarall right got a bowl same green bowldown my shirt is here this is the brownsugar it’s the small of a nationalproblem and then I got the white one inhere so he uses both not I’m looking atit this is a little so it’s threequarters of a cup of brown sugar now ifI remember correctly it’s three onefourths this is so hard to get out withthe head and it’s just not gonna beexact too littleactually that’s pretty exact if you askme one two[Applause]my sister’s gonna kill methese are worth oh that means I have tobuy new memory cooks for her actuallyshe’s not Tommy it’s half what thegranulated sure so half a cup of whitegranulated sugar okay half a cup ofmelted butter is next the sudden isgetting harsher and harsher as time goeson who’s gonna start getting brighterand I’m gonna look whiter so and I’mgonna melt this in the meantime we’regonna whisk there’s two sugars togetherthat’s how they look so this is wherewe’re at with the butteroh that looks disgusting my butter iscompletely melted now with that and Istill haven’t mixed my two sugarstogether the brown sugar is just solumpy are you kidding meall I’m saying is if these cookies donot come out good I’m gonna be so madbecause I woke up early for this yeah Iwoke up at 11:00 I don’t care that’sdirty I can smell itwhy is this soul of B and now we’regonna add the melted butter in here whatcould crispy he’s melted butter what’sthe differencelast time you guys told me that bang thebatteries the refrigerator actuallydidn’t make a difference so since youcan educate me a lot why is meltedbutter better than the other butter andby the other brother I need topic butterthis is what it’s looking like I think Ilooks pretty combined to me I feel likeyou guys hate the fact that you’re notlooking at like my bowls and stuff on meyou know but it’s just hard to get meand the bowl so you got to pick oneyou’re looking at me the whole time oryou’re looking at the bowl but there’sno mystery one eggoh you see those master cracking screamsOh y’all shut thatall right so now I’m putting a vanillaextract into the mixture on my a funnystory I’m taking the story war onmornings in I so back in elementaryschool in sixth grade I had this likereally strict teacher I would say she’sthrough this trick it was just comparedto like all the other teachers she wasactually really strict right by the waythat guy sits up with two teaspoons ofvanilla extract but I don’t have enoughin here so i’ma just do whatever is leftbut okay so back in elementary schoolright so we used to have this likepretty strict teacher so we wouldactually learn like mice and lunchesschool was so bad that like this was itsixth grade was like the only class thatI actually learned right I had to getthe flower but all right but it willlike one day that we were actuallymigrating stuff in the classyes something along the lines of like Ijust dropped flour everywhere damn itoh yes something about like could youguys give me an example of abstract orsomething like that yeah I think it wasI think that was her question and Missdumbass over here was like what a trackthat was the stupidest law in my wholelife actually no I members that was oneof the stupidest moments there’s anyoneout there who didn’t get the jokebasically vanilla extract not manilaabstract all right now we need bakingsoda 1/2 a teaspoon of baking sodaI am so dumb I just measured outtablespoon for teaspoon for the vanillaextract no wonder it looks like a hastoo much vanilla half a teaspoon ofbaking soda also I started watching allAmerican I have fallen and loved forlike two guys already it’s kind of sadoh he put one egg plus one egg yolk init should watch the videos before I dothis well I did but I just forget Iexperienced with this just saying oh soyou don’t know how to do that let meteach youso you crack the egg in half and thenyou do that I don’t that made any sensebut you basically just leave the eggyolk on one side and you move it to theother side letting all the white stufffall then you do it again and againuntil basically all of the whites aregone there you go so now there’s no noso now there’s no egg white and then youjust grab your yo can you put it in yourignition I’m so glad I went back to lookat the recipe if not I would havecompletely missed that all right so nowyou have half of the dry mixture intothe wet mixture I guess why am i tryingto act like this is a freaking bakingtutorial I don’t know what I’m doingguys do not listen to me oh my god thisis so lumpy – maybe you should have justsifted might like flour and sugar andall of that before I actually did thishey the next half I would use my mixerbitch is just gonna throw freaking flourall over my face also my camera’s on lowbattery it’s gonna die any second summerhas to be like probably my favorite timeof the year Christmas is cooling on butI just really love summer I’m gonnatransfer over to my spatula because thisis getting Oscar I’m mixing it with myspatula and it’s like I’m low-keygetting all the lumps out now okay andnow it’s when I add the chocolate chipsor anyone attacks me and says that meanssemi-sweet chocolate time I seechocolate chips um look here’s the thingback in the day when I was a baker I diduse semi-sweet chocolate chips one of mycookies but I just didn’t like how theytaste it I felt like the chocolates werejust not there like I don’t know howmany chocolate chips because he usedlike chunks I would just guess to mereal quick I didn’t put a lot but it’sjust cuz like no one in my family reallylikes a lot of chocolate chipsalright just a little bit more alrightand now that this dough is done I pattedit down and we’re back to playing thefreaking waiting game apparentlysupposed to only go to the fridge for 20minutes but I’m gonna give it like 30minutes so just so I get a little bitmore time to edit for you guys somebodyhad plastic wrap I ripped this lastvideo uh-huh I always suck at cuttingthat damn I really have a chef’s knifethough like this came off pretty darngood if you ask me the guy who put theplastic wrap like that so that’s what Idid you just gotta like put it into thedough so I’m gonna come get my batteryin 30 minutes for now I’m gonna startediting this video cuz it’s 3012and I want to get this video up before3:00 for you guys though it’s actuallybeen like a whole hour later just gothella carried away with editing cuz Ireally want to get this video for youguys like today so I just created myoven and this is like the little padthingy I use for my cookies you let mesee my miss I’ll show you my miss withthis all it is and I walking it alrightso here is the dough I call it dopesecond it’s cookie dough and I’m gonnatake off the plastic wrapthere we go so now comes the fun partbecause it’s actually where I get toscoop the cookies and actually make themit came to the conclusion that mysleeping schedule it’s just reallymessed up I don’t know what to do to fixit anymore it daily monitor somehow Istill ended up sleeping late as helllike for no reason I don’t understandwhat’s going on cuz it really sucks towake up at like 12:00 and then watchtick tock for an hour and then afterthat I like watched a couple episodes ofshows on Netflix play a couple matchesthe fortnight ending the day is justgone I wanna make them too too big butfairly big so that’s what I’m gonna dofor the scoops I actually kind of reallywant to make my cookie sheet organizedthis time not like the oreo cheesecakecookies I truly want to be productivelike I really do somehow find myselfwaiting fortnight all day somehow and Idude I don’t even know like this allcookies look so far pretty organized ifyou ask me I think I’m gonna have batterleft over again so I just finishedputting all my cookies on here let meshow you the Train the tray and this guydidn’t push the cookies out so I don’tknow if you have to push him down andnow you clean up this big ol mess – Iwanna thing of my mess and I do havesome batter left over it’s like verylittle but it’d probably make likeanother five to six cookies alright thetimer literally just went out this is myfirst time checking them they lookgolden already pretty sure they’re donealready because they look really goldenbrown so I’m gonna turn it off ready ifnot open this beat now we’re gonna takethese out I’m gonna try this reallysmall one I have the hiccups right nowand I swear I get the hiccups at leastthree times a day I don’t think that’snormaloh yeahthese are pretty flyer maybe it was amelted butter yes I’m drinking my milkin a mug I don’t want to hear it Ishould really start my own bakery justsaying all right so I’m gonna close offtoday’s video um thank you so much forwatching the video if you guys do stillI’m gonna make more baking videos let meknow make sure to follow all my socialmedias to talk Instagram snapchat all ofthem and I’ll see you guys next time bye[Music]

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